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"Soft Ears" Material for Rear Skull Protection?

Hiya, MCB'ers. Recently, while playing walk-ons at Pev's in VA, I have been getting shot in the back of the head by noobs who think I must be on the other team because I've advanced fairly far up the field. Not only is this unutterably annoying, it has led to some rather painful spots on ye olde scalp.

I am looking to fashion a section of protective material that would wrap around the back of my head and protect against these stray shots. Specifically, I would like to make a 6"-8" rectangular section with a slit at each end that I can thread onto my Grillz strap.

Does anyone know where/how to get this sort of material? Thanks...
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Another victim of the noob mentality of "Shoot at everyone in front of me, and sometimes those behind me."

Maybe get a sheet of neoprene. They make neck guards out of the stuff. Seems to fit the bill.
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You could probably mold that out of Kydex fairly easily.
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I second neoprene. It is often used for this kind of protection in paintball and airsoft. It is soft, easy to work with/cut and pretty readily available for cheap. Not sure if you could find any locally but shouldn't be too much to order online. Maybe try a local scuba/dive shop and get some extra neoprene they have for repairs???
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In my experience, the neoprene that scuba shops carry for repairs is fabric backed and thiiiick. Which might be what you want, but it won't be too similar to soft ears.

The vintage Vents masks had an optional part that was a foam skull cap. It covers the top and back of your head pretty well.
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Wear a shemagh draped over your head.
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didn't JT make a padded baseball hat? i dont know where you would find one though.
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6mm craft foam sheets would work well. Easy to cut with a knife, soft and lightweight.

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padded headband/Sandana?
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Thanks for the suggestions, guys. Will look into these recommendations.

Funnily enough, I do wear a Full Clip sandana that has about a half inch of padding...but it's all on the front. Maybe I should turn it around to face backwards!
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