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How to make 75rd pods?????

So I finally put a sportshot on my T2 and it looks great. I am used to using my Winchester hoppers but I thought I give the sortshot a try. I have plenty of 50rd pods but Id like to make to buy some 75rd pods. Here is my problem;

Most pods that are in production right now look like this;

Attachment 29423

This doesnt work too well for cutting them and making smaller pods. I really dont want to do the cut in half, take out a piece, and glue or tape together mod. I dont want it to look getto.

Here is a picture of what pods used to look like;

Attachment 29424

These were easily cut and sized to whatever your liking and pop the top back on. The problem is that they dont sell these anymore. I also want to try and avoid buying used, faded or multicolored pods.

What do you all suggest???

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Why not used? If you can't buy them new, you can probably find them used.
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APP pods have the lids that come off.

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Buy the APP 100 round pods from Titus, and pop off the lid's then cut them down.
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I know that the 50rd pods are one size straight down and can be resized but it seams from the pictures that the 100rd pods have a thinner lip on top where the cap fits. If I were to cut them, the lid would not fit. Can anyone confirm this that has an APP 100rd pod??
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PM replied to, thanks for the referral guys!
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OR... instead of buying pods (that is if you already have 100rd pods) just put some foam down at the bottom of the 100rd pod to take up the extra room so only 75rds fit.
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The sport shot will hold and feed a full 100 round pod just fine. You can almost fit a 140, but it won't feed of course. So don't worry about cutting down pods unless you really want only 75 rounds!
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I was looking for a little bit less so that it is a little more comfortable in my PB Mafia 5/50. I have some 100rd GXG pods but they are a little bit long in the pack.
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The smartass answer:

Take 100 round pod.
Insert 25 balls
Level out
Add Epoxy
let Dry
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