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Phantom anno question

hey guys, been lurking for quite awhile

I have justt tested my phantom out, and man its just awesome!
The pull to the pump side has caught me

Now i have a local company that will anno stuff for me
but he says that they dont anno phantoms because there is a steel insert
in the body and once i remove that he not sure what he is talking about

you guys hear anything about this?
is there a thread or a how-to that i can read

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The steel inserts IIRC are where the thumbscrews screw in.
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Some of the screw threads have stainless steel inserts. I am sure that mike at cci will remove them for you.
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Yes. There are 2 stainless steel inserts in the body and one insert in the valve body. If you tear the marker down and look at the threads where the thumbscrews and the stock class feed goes (if you have a removable feed) you will see the inserts. To remove them, you will most likely damage them, so new ones are needed. They are available here. Have Blue is a member here on MCB and runs ASP. You will need a straight fluted screw extractor that looks like these.

I put the body in a pot of boiling water for about 30 seconds to 1 minute to loosen up the loctite. Then tap the extractor into the insert and unscrew it. Lefty loosey, righty tighty. Nothing special. The same goes for the valve body. Be careful with the parts because they will get pretty warm in the boiling water. But I prefer this method to hitting the metal with a lighter or mini torch or the like.

After the ano job is done and you picked up more inserts, put some loctite on the new ones and thread them into place. Make sure you pay attention to which sized insert goes where. There are 2 different sizes.

If you want to get the trigger frame anodized too, full tear down is necessary. All the pins need removed.

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Thanks for the help guys
And man really those lil things hahah
How I took what he said I thought they were bigger then that

Will get to work this week on that
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