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Having problems with my rainmaker

i am having some problems getting my rainmaker to cycle correctly. when i pull the trigger the bolt goes forward the only goes back part way and if you look down the feedneck it is covering half of it. pull the trigger again and it does the same thing. some times the bolt will go all the way back and fire normally but then goes right back to not working after 1 or 2 shots.

i made a quick video, i know it is a lousy video i will try and make a better one.

Video of Rainmaker problem - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

-dwell: 43
-lpr is turned up until it leaks from the mac valve and the backed off a quarter turn
-hpr is set to 475 according to the gauge on my back block

marker specs if it helps:
-thunderboard lcd
-ergo regulator
-stock cocker lpr
-rainman frontblock with cocker asa, macmount frame adaptor and -back block
-derlin bolt
-internals have been fully polished cleaned and lubed

any help would be greatly appreciated

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Did you post this in Rainman's custom section? I don't have a clue, but it sounds like something right up his alley.
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The timing rod, or bolt link could be bent? Causing them to kink, and stop the cycle. The metal is somewhat weak, and they can go out of alignment.

Another problem could be a pinched hose, though it seems your setup has them external anyway.

With the gun unpressurized, can you manually cycle the bolt forward, then back with the bolt-cover off? you might be able to tell where the bolt/hammer/rod is binding.

Trying removing the bolt, and link, and then firing to see if it makes full cycles. that might isolate the bolt.
Or, trying removing the hammer, but put back in the bolt/link. See if it cycles. That might isolate the hammer.

If the problem still exists, then likely the bolt rod, or lpr flow issue? or to much "crap" on the bolt? The bolt/hammer really chew up the inside of the gun creating a grey "goo"


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