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clippard brass ram
don't think mini clippard was out yet
thumper would be cool but I suggest old unireg and raptor/unireg air system with a Fred's cradle
some were running cut blocks but would suggest old square block for retro coolness
maybe drill the block to except current cocking rods
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Ok here is what I am looking for.

Hydra bolt
Taso humpback frame and trigger plate
Roller sear
Cup and clip brass 3-way
Brass Stock Ram
early square front block and steel front block screw
SS 3-way rod, with flat end
SS pump arm
Wire LP hose guards
Old style 14" or 16" AA smart Parts barrel
14" J&J Brass barrel, plated or not
14" DAC Bob Long barrel
Early un-milled shroud
AA Thumper Expansion chamber

Let me know what you have and how much

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Interestingly enough, I just saw somebody had a Hydra bolt. I noted it because it's the first one I've seen for sale in, like, ever, but unfortunately I can't recall where it was. But it was just in the last day or two, so either here in the classifieds (including the Black Friday stuff) or over at AO.

I'm reasonably sure I have one of the TASO frames, but it's bare and I'm pretty low on good slider parts.

Bacci has plenty of front blocks and bolts, and should have a stack of good triggers and sears. (Rollers tend to go fast, though.) Also check his stash for a ram (you want this style) and some pump rods.

If you want to go with the AA system, I have an early reg (no tank) in good shape and a Schultz cradle. I think I even have a Unireg around here somewhere...

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I will be buying many things from Bacci, but I just compiled the whole list and threw it up here. wolf13 from Custom cockers has a new in package Hydra bolt he will sell me. I am staying away from AA stuff unless a Thumper Expansion Chamber pops up. I may go to a PMS air system, but I am really leaning towards a standard WGP HPR and an anti-siphon 20oz tank.

Started taking it apart last night and I will take some good pictures of whats been done to it and what the internals look like. it has an OTP bolt in it, but it seems in my memory that it isnt correct for the time period.
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