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Feed threads on a Action Markers Illusion and Mag?

Hey everyone,

I thought the threads used on an Illusion and a Mag were Angel threaded .... right???

So that would mean that you can swap the feed between the two. I just got my Illusion and the only thing that I found to not like is the High Feed neck. I grabbed the one I took off my ULE body since I just swapped that out with a CCM neck and tried to screw it in. It started to act like there was a thread mis-match.

So I guess another question would be, did Angel change their thread count that's used on the feed necks in the last couple years?

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My teammate has an Illusion with a JB welded feedneck, the reason being that it stripped.

Apparently, they strip easily.
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Well I took the CCM Feebneck and put that one on my Illusion. I think part of the problem is that you have to make sure they are on all the way.
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I had a similar experience installing a CCM on my Sentinel. It was originally on a ULE Mag, definately Angel threads, but the fit was EXTREMELY tight. It was no better with the stock feed, my guess is that it may have been an overly tight spec on AM's part...
Steve Shuey, Team Crimson Reign
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