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shp valve really make a differance?

Ok so I am building an emag getting back into the AGD world. Does it really make that much difference to use the shp reg or is just as good well tuning the bolt honestly all the same? Seen few post on here about it, but none of them just straight out say you're wasting money or best investment you will ever make. I don't really know the difference since I ve been out of the mag world an mostly paintball generally til thus past year or so. Back when I really played ya bought a mag used a ventura bolt ans charger an 20 co2 with remote. Any how thank s everyone on here for all the great information ya all post an items F/T/B.
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For an E Mag you do NOT want a SHP reg just a regular HP reg is all you need. The SHP reg are for guys running RT or X-Valves on mechs looking to get fast RT effects. And for that the SHP reg works great.
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That is kind of what I was assuming with the rt an tuning of the lvl10. Thought I was all good without. 50 more on other items. Thanks much TinyBear.
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