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making pump action smoother on cocker

Hey MCB, I recently purchased a cocker pump and would like to know if anyone can help me out with making the action smoother. it is a 2K body w/ a WGP pump kit. don't know about the internals assuming stock. It works fine but the pump stroke can take a bit of effort. Or if anyone can direct me to a thread that I may have missed about this topic that would also be helpful thanks again.
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Two springs are involved during your pump stroke, the pump return spring in the handle and the mainspring in the lower tube of your pump. I'm guessing it's the latter that has the higher spring constant so you feel like your pump stroke has two phases instead of one smooth action. You'll need a softer main spring which means you'll need to play with the valve spring as well.
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I, of course, recommend trying these:

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Try searching for "madman spring kit" in the WGP and pump marker sub forums. People usually end up with a few questions when re-springing. Even if you find your own springs, the info you gather around the madman kit will be useful.

The other end is to make sure it all moves smoothly without the springs and that the springs don't cause it to bind when installed.

Two primary points on re-springing; are you shooting air or CO2?, and what pressure are you running at the valve?
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Replace the stock bolt with an aftermarket bolt with no o-rings.

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Switch the WGP pump kit for a CCM? Big difference.
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ccm kit is much nicer and maggot's springs are really nice i got some and the stroke is really light and smooth
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CCM pump kit, but first get the CCM lower body kit (valve, hammer & springs)...your pump return spring is another factor (as mentioned earlier)...
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the CCM pump kit & lower tube kit are incredibly good investments, just take a bit of money.

I had a stock WGP Nightkast, got my CCM parts and it's simply a night and day difference.

but like everyone's mentioned it's basically in the springs.

I wouldn't change the bolt for one with no o-rings, just learn how to take care of the o-rings and lube the bolt right so that they don't stick too much. Just enough to seal the "chamber"
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the spring kit helps immensely.

now, look at the interaction of the parts on the pump stroke, i.e. what's moving and the parts of the gun that are static. the interaction of those is where binding, rubbing, basically a not smooth action you will need to look at. its more of a DIY, than throwing a CCM pump kit. any pump kit will work, just not from CCM. hell, mix and match a valve, hammer and some tune time and you can get the same performance as a CCM, its just that you aren't paying for the name.

the interaction could be the pump rod bending out on a pump, to the lower tube needing some polishing so the hammer can glide.

its really on how much time and effort you want to put into it.
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