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Originally Posted by James_Blond View Post
Having owned classic mags, a micromag, and for a short time now an enemy, I would say go with the enemy. Inexpensive, antichop bolt, lifetime warranty, works well with co2 and hpa. Better trigger pull than a classic mag and super lightweight. Oh and easier to get barrels for.

mags are really nice, but to get close to the features of a enemy you're going to have to spend almost twice the money and it never will truly like to run on co2.
I 2nd this...I dumped 99% of my semi's after getting and useing mine.
The one thing thats a NEG is that these are rentals at some fields...I just felt a lil odd in the staging area with all the renters..
Now you may close this thread...

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Probably not a popular choice, but I'd throw the Crossover into the mix. Basically a hoseless ULE with a low pro feedneck. I only use it as a mech, so I don't worry about the electronics.
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Originally Posted by Spider! View Post
How are you with regulators? I've known people that wouldn't care about the difference between batteries and regulators. What kind of pumps have you been using?
Regulators are my bane but I do have a solid reg sitting around. And I own a 6.5 and and just looking to widen my eyes to the world of paintball haha
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Originally Posted by super_stanchy View Post
gog enemy!

best $125 (new) you'll ever spend!
this. I threw a .683 pipe barrel on mine to get somewhat close to bore match/slight overbore for my home field paint. shoots darts while being as light as a feather

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Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
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The problem with an Enmy is that you have to blast 'Disturbed--Enemy" whenever you use it. That can betray your location.

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I have owned my current classic mag since new in 1999. It's been problem free other than maintence (ocleaning, oil, dentents and a foamie).

My sister picked up a new eNMEy in December. She likes the eNMEy as a cheap option for a quality mech semi. But it don't take much side by side compare to see a Mag is a FAR better built Far more durable QUALITY product.
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Although the one mag I have does not agree with me I will say the confident feeling of a aluminum frame (no frame twist) is nice with a mag. Over all though I am going to say Enemy I have been beating the crap out of mine since I got it and have had 0 issues. I did re grease it one time though since I was bored and wanted to take it apart. The way I have been cleaning it after a day of play has been take off barrel gas up marker hold upside down and spray with hose. shoot it a couple times to get most of the water out and put it away.
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Not really "cleaning..."
...'cause bandaid's stuck on me!
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Originally Posted by JaKaL View Post
Not really "cleaning..."
Not usually recommended, but it was a cleaning method for some markers.

Splatmaster users always remember a phrase about the ability to clean the gun in water ( I would not recommend this as the paint on existing Splatmasters is old and will wear and fade if put under water ). Yet at the time, running the gun under water would be a quick and effective way to clean the entire gun, especially for a player who did not have the tools or skills to carefully dissemble a Nelson based pump gun.
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If you already have a Sniper based pump, I'd buy a nice set of pneumatics for it. You'd be familiar with the gun, and autocockers are more fun to shoot than an Enmy. You could probably pick up a nice set for around $60 if you take your time and fine some deals. STO stuff is great and can be found pretty cheap. You wouldn't have to spend extra money on new barrels either.
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