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I've placed a number of orders through them over the past year. Some of them to a US address and some to a Canadian address.

I imagine your delays are due to them being cautious about using unverified information for shipping. I expect that once you verify your details that you will see a shipping notification within 48 hours.
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Seems sorted now, the online chat people have been very helpful.
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Older thread, but same topic for me. Reliability has gone out the tube. Recently spend a good chunk of money on four packages within the last month. Two of the packages have had problems. One of them item was missing, so I contacted them. They wanted me to jump through hoops by photo documentation along with a list of items received. I quickly responded that it has everything that the shipping insert states minus the small part that I'm calling about. It was to much busy work and not worth my time that I needed to invest. So I dropped it. The second package has never arrived. Called them and they felt no responsibility to the customer since they mailed it. Its up the USPS to deal with. They told me to call them and ask where my package is. ANSGear Customer service carries a very pessimistic view with customer, rather than an understanding and going out of there way to make something out of the customers way right. They asked me if I wanted to file a complaint with the USPS or should they. They were not willing to do anything as fare as reship or refund until USPS file is resolved. That could be months.......Scratch this flaky business of off my list. There are much better supporting business that will get my money. Particularly when I shop on line and look for one that has the support behind the product, since anyone can list something to sell. The unicorns are always found with the great service. Anyways, I'll get off my rant and let you all wear your big boy panties and decide that for your self. Just not that this could be you with your potential order/business transactions.
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