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One should turn the hammer lug clockwise to lengthen it, which is what you want to do.

Farting usually means a soft valve spring. Unfortunately, I have a full bodied karnivor and no experience with factory midblocks.

I'd do what Slow Z rally suggested in post #6
"Have you messed with the clapper adjustment screw underneath the clapper? Turning it in or out changes the travel and thus how hard the clapper will pop when energized."

To check hammer lug for optimal depth, you'll need to remove the right grip panel to manually actuate your clapper noid. I personally remove the battery before doing this.

Cock the hammer, then slowly push the plunger up and see where it releases the hammer lug. The Planet Eclipse manual says you want the lug to release at the very top of the plunger travel.

You'll have to remove the board if you need to adjust the set screw which affects plunger height.

My stock karni with an E2 board didn't have the height of the plunger set this way, so I had to do it myself.

One of my early factory eclipseblades did come from the Eclipse factory with the height set perfectly.
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Originally Posted by Aviator89 View Post
Factory fast didnt work right last time i had it set for it. It would fart pretty loud when cycling. Like how pumps sometimes do. Thoughts?
Farting is not a consequence of timing, it's a consequence of the spring combination; tighter timing can slightly compensate for a bad spring combo, but you risk getting a light hammer strike (being cocked while the hammer is still hitting the valve, which also increases stress on your back block and pump arm), blowback into the feedneck and bad efficiency ('cause of the air blwong into the feedneck and not onto the ball). I suggest you get a CCM/SLPS spring kit (if you want super smooth operation) or an AKA spring kit (if you want efficiency).

CDEL should never be under 4ms for a mid/half block, less mass means it'll open faster than a full block at the same LPR pressure.

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