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Help! My shocker is possessed by Satan!

I need some help here with my sft shocker

Its not often I cant fix a gun but this has really got me beat.

So besides the projectile vomiting and the 360 head spinning here are the symptoms.

-leaking gas from around the noid at any pressure
-if pressure was increased enough to make it fire bolt sticks forward and leaks out the barrel

So I replaced about every oring I could and still no different. I then bought a parts lot that included a new bolt assembly and a noid

-I put the new noid on and bam ... same symptoms. So Im thinking am I really that unlucky that I bought a second dead noid???? So I take the noid apart and replace 1 questionable oring, put it back on and still the same. So I replace the whole bolt assembly, manifold and just about any other part I could. Still the same

I now take off the Vertical ASA and find some tiny sketchy looking screw blocking the front centre inlet hole. I take it out and boom all leaks stop ... at low pressure that is. I can make the gun chuff and at the low pressures it wont leak. Just shy of getting it to cycle it will start leaking around the noid again and if I increase the pressure enough to make it cycle the bolt sticks forward and it leaks down the barrel. symptoms are the same with the old and new noids.

I have been on ZDSPB and am still at a total loss. Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated
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I live in Canada but have a USA address as well
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Usually venting from the solenoid section is because of a dry/bad sail o'ring or a dry/bad solenoid insert o'ring, the later sounds more likely to be your issue.
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Have you inspected the 2 solenoid inserts?
One of the orings might be bad letting air through to somewhere it shouldn't go.
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