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PGP 2k1/Stroker question

I just got my new PGP 2k1 Stroker from Palmers. I was wondering what threads the Co2 changer is. Do they have their own unique threads? If so, is there anywhere that I can purchase and extended knob for it?

Another unrelated question.... If I want to change between running a remote line and using 12'ers what type of nipple should I put on the rock? I guess a QD would just leak the air if I used a twelver. Palmers told me to use a "fill nipple" instead of a QD. Are they referring to a fill nipple from a HPA tank or from something else? Any input would be appreciated.

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I'm not sure about the extende3d cap, but you can get a Fasst Change from PPS, IIRC.

And Palmer has a point--a QC is simply a nipple. A fill nipple is a QC with a sort of check valve in it. Thus, if you keep the nipple there but change how the air goes in, it won't leak.

If you follow that route, have the valve side tapped, put in the fill nipple, and you could switch between 12-grams and constant air of any sort, using a 12-gram as a crappy pressure chamber.
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Thanks Deus. Does anyone else know about the threading on the co2 knob?
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