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since that basic spyder you get what titus said but if had few other parts might get about 60 to 80 for it.
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wondering what this is worth? or if anyone would by it
i found its made by dragun but cant find out much about it says its "the one"
just shot it a little bit shoots fine no leaks, eyes work, and seems to have an antichop bolt that i think works also. it also can shoot pretty fast

Glowfoto :: Photo Sharing

Glowfoto :: Photo Sharing

Glowfoto :: Photo Sharing

i also have a autococker works but has a small leak in the ram but everything else in great condition not sure what its worth? or how much i could sell for

Glowfoto :: Photo Sharing
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I send this, my homemade modified P68SC, to my friend for his son, basically only for symbolical price. There was asked question, about expected market-price of this marker:

Mods (what I can remember):

- roll-out detents - 8 homemade wedgits
- double feed detent - ball+wire detent
- new magazine end cap with slipway
- SS inlets in panel grips fixing holes (to prevent the wear the plastic)
- new SS screws with spring lock washers
- trigger work: polished trigger parts and trigger stops
- modified bolt with sealed tournament velocity adjuster (because of his inefficiency and leaks in them)
- entlarget port between of the barrel and valve - from ID 4mm to elyptical ~7x14mm (+560% of airflow)
- roundet all holes entering to the bolt space (feed hole, hole for plug, for locking balls)
- insta-pierce - made with modified part from Brass Eagle Blade pump
- new titanium valve pin with teflon cupseal
- modified valve body from ZGP-94 (with entlarged holes)
- lightened stock hammer (from original ~43g na ~15g = only 35% of original hammer weight)
- new valve spring (light conical, from 32 Spyder spring set)
- SS RVA with security screw


Original (~42 grams) and lightened hammer (~15 grams):

Detents - 8 homemade "wedgits" and wire+ball double feed detent:

Pictures from entlargement of the hole between valve and chamber - from original 4mm ID to elyptical ~7x14mm (resoldered and used deformed .45" call carridge):

Original (up) and modified (down) valve arrangement, photo from new parts:

Insta-pierce taken from Brass Eagle Blade:

SS inlets in panel grips fixing holes (left with, right still without the mod, for comparsion):

New magazine cap with slipway - in this style (here made from Nylatron):

Polished trigger parts and trigger stops:

Efficiency compared to (nearly) unmodified P68SC (yellow), PPS Superstocker (light blue) and the hight-pressure setup of this marker (red):

Efficiency of the hight-pressure setup (red) and final low-pressure setup (blue): be honest, with the efficiency I was not content and fine, but in the time, I was forced with the "client" to end the work in nearest safe and good condition state, because of the delay, after several previous defernents, and with deadline.

The valve dwell was imho not optimal set here. I have hat problems to stay below 300 fps and be consistent - to straighten the velocity curve... with different setting, different hammer weights and springs, the velicity goes up, down, up and down here during of the shooting (some results with different spring & hammer combinations, just not hold on the required velocity. There were more chrono test needet, but was not the time for that.

But the client was more than content with it so - along his onw words he has 37 shoots per powerlet, from them are 35 full power, "absolutely comparable shoots" and the two other then are weak and in powerlet remains then no gas, there is no leak after unscrewing of the CO2 knob.

It is troublefree marker, with light and smooth pump stroke, short (~1mm) and smooth trigger pull, foolproof reloading, with low sound signature, fast trigger, decent range and accuracy (with really good paint, you can hit tenis ball on 50 feet nearly with all shoots).
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06 evil minion. Virtue board, tech-t bolt, cp trigger, cp asa, clamping feedneck, proto barrel, extra eyes/ oring parts kit.

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The Frankenangel
-2k4 Dark IR3 body (Silver to Navy fade)
-2k4 Dark IR3 board
-2k4 Dark IR3 mini reg
-2k4 Ir3 LPR
-2k3 LCD frame
-2k3 LCD vert adapter
-A4 ram
-A4 volumizer
-A4 poppet (shimmed)
-05 Speed feedneck


ColorSplash Paintball
Southern Colorado

^^^Feedback Link^^^

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Brass and Wood Fan
Would would be a fair price for:

1) BNIB Centerflag Inline regs, 300-650 psi rating.
2) BNIB Dye Ultralite 2-piece barrels. 12" and 14" models. In Spyder, A-5, and 98 threads

Any info would be helpful on these.
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Send a message via AIM to OnePumpChump

Any know the price of a Dye 45 slider in chrome and a Dye 45 hinge gloss black??
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Montneel design Z1

I have a Z1 I've owned for 12+ years, I am wondering the value before I sell.
I purchased it from a friend and only used it a couple times before packing it away in my attic about 10 years ago. I can take pics and post if needed and answer any general questions regarding condition.

I purchased the gun looking to get into the sport but never found the time.

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Boston Joe: Take some photos, that will help
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Red/Black E-1 Dye Reflex

Looking for a ballpark. Thanks.
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I really like the picture posts, because I don't understand most of the word posts.
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