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For a working warp, anywhere from say 50-80 would be my estimate depending on what it comes with.
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A dark impulse showed up on CL. I know that it's rare but I'm not sure on price.
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150.00 Id jump on it ..60.00 in extras alone ////PS never post the where you saw part..
heres another

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Hey everybody!

Whats the pricerange on a 20'' cocker threaded bullbarrel?
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Originally Posted by volunteer paintball View Post
If you are taking trades I'll trade you a used PK5 and a Swedishly used Waylost (this one's pretty rare)

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Looking for a price check on a 2010 Dangerous Power Fusion FX, good condition.

I have one up for sale currently at $375 with $345 as my lowest.... Unfortunately I keep getting $300 offers on it which is $200 less than I bought it for 2 years ago. :|
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Due to the high volume of requests, SPACH has been banned.

Have a nice day!
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I have a WGP 2k1 Autococker that I would like to sell, but I have no idea about a fair price. It has been used only 4 times, and I believe that almost every upgradable piece (except the barrel) of the AC has been upgraded with matching anno. It has upgraded front pneumonics, upgraded bolt, and upgraded trigger frame. It even has a matching anno air tank cap. I cannot find a problem with it cosmetically or functionally. So what is a price that is fair? Please PM or post. Thanks.

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I am also curious about an asking price for this gun identified by APOC 101 as a Dragun M92 frame. This gun looks great, and it was only shot three times. I cannot find any problems cosmetically or functionally with this gun.

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chrome pf body with original crown point barrel. any idea on what I could sell this for?
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What do you think the value of the Lot is? I am thinking of grabbing it but it is not free by any means nor close. I know the value of the 2 cockers it is the shockers & angel I'm mostly curious about. And I can't figure out what the top right gun is.

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Question. When someone makes a post about a price range on a marker, do ppl respond via PMs? I like watching this thread for my own curiosity but most times I don't see a response to most of these questions.
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