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Upgraded Airsoft gun's have been known to hit targets out to 300 feet consistently. The ammo is not the limiting factor. In fact, most BB's are seemless, and offer worlds better performance due to this difference.
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I just sold a $400 Airsoft sniper rifle to a friend to fund my SMG-68. They're fun as hell, but after getting a few airsoft guns I can tell you that the quality just isn't there unless you're getting into PTWs or CAs. Yeah I could hit a dime at 50 feet, but it was still plastic and pot metal! I'll stick with vintage paintball gear from now on.
Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
oldschool play is about sportsmanship and respect, oldschool gear is available on Ebay.
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Pretty much I quit. The worse part is that most of the "veteran" players will defend a cheaply made "high end" gun to the death, and spit on quality guns, such as Classics (gas powered rifles) because they have a 1/8 line attaching you to a vest. Sadly it's a bit like paintball.
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Originally Posted by Shiba-Kun View Post
One problem I had at first was adjusting to not being able to easily track the flight of the airsoft pellets. Not that it was a huge prob. (you're basically gonna be shot/not shot once the ball is in the air) but being able to track back where the ball came from and occasionally dodging a shot was not as easy as p-ball imho.

Did you get the same feeling too?
Yeah, I know what you mean. First time I played paintball, I was surprised you could see the paintball's path. Airsoft was hard because you would never know where your shots are going unless you used white or yellow bb's, and even then it was still pretty hard. But yeah, I know what you mean. But airsoft is like paintball because ammo quality makes a difference in both airsoft and paintball. Airsoft has low quality bb's and high quality bb's like Tokyo Marui, Excel, KSC, and some other companies I forgot. These were seamless, but really expensive, almost 30 dollars for 2000-4000. Airsoft also taught me a very good lesson that I also carried on to paintball - NEVER REUSE AMMO!

EDIT: One of the main reasons I quit airsoft is becuase I had the constant fear of my gun breaking. Every airsofter KNOWS their gun will break no matter what, and that the repair will be pricey. I was sick of all my guns breaking down, so I started playing paintball. Metal parts and bodies are basically standard in paintball. I didn't have to worry about gears stripping, or gearboxes cracking, or battery packs melting, etc. Also, since the guns looked real, I couldn't play anywhere near my city since I would probably get shot by a LEO. The nearest shop was 45 miles away. Nearest established airsoft field was about 55 miles away.

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Airsoft update.

I just played paintball again today. Game improvement was probably 15 -20%.

I had practiced shooting airsoft from awkward positions around barricades. I also practiced lining up the Airsoft before poking out and looking down the sights. I also casually practiced random shooting in multiple directions from a stand-up position. I only practiced about three times and it has been about two weeks since the last paintball game. The worst part of the game today was running out of paint balls and also running out of CO2. I ended up using the button for the cyclone to feed one shot at a time in my third last game (almost like using the bolt action rifle )

I think just learning how to align the sites was a very big help (even though paintball guns and are not 100% accurate). I also made a plastic drum rear sight for my a5 with a hole in it to simulate the MP 5. I also just put solid stock on my a5. The combination of the new angled stock and the drum sight allowed me to use the sights while wearing a mask.

Below are some photographs of my a5 and Mat used as a barricade. I also had a mat sometimes facing a mirror so that I could check my form shooting around the barricade.

bonds feedback:

Shaken......but not stirred. Licenced to paint.

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