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best internals for a pump?

i've got a freeflow rythym body that is the basis for my next pump project... my question is what would be the best internals? i know some people swear by CCM, and i like how you can adjust the velocity without having to take the cocking rod out... i have internal sets from two bodies- one i believe is a freeflow, and the other looks like either stock WGP internals or something along the lines of KAPP or ANS; is there any easy way to tell the difference? thanks.
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Both of those internal sets will be fine. There are ways to tell the difference but I dont know them.

You can use the CCM IVG on any threaded IVG autococker (which means yours) so just ask CCM or search their ebay store for their IVG. Most cocker guys adjust the velocity with their regulators, after balancing the springs well.
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The CCM IVG makes tuning a whole heck of a lot easier IMHO.
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