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medic49675 11-14-2006 05:08 PM

Camcorder question
I am looking for a GOOD camcorder. I was thinking of this.

Not that specific auction but that product.

Does anyone here have one or similar and would you post your thoughts about it?

Will be used for tapeing some kids events and lots of paintball.

Painthappy 11-14-2006 07:16 PM

I know very little about camcorders, but I'm learning. I'm into SONY right now.

I have my Sony Handycam DCR-HC26
It's not the best of the bunch, but it does what I want to. Download to my harddrive, etc.

It's still a mini-DV, meaning that you record digitally onto tapes. I still like the tapes of the the harddrive as I can remove a tape and throw another one in.

A tape for my paintball junk, one for the kid, one for the wife... ahem...


I DID want a better camera, and just purchased a DCR-HC65

Here is the auction I just won.

I was FINE with the older one, BUT, it was not compatible with my helmetcamera, as there was no input jack. I mean... WHY do you want to record onto a camcorder? I understand... So I'm buying a new camera for that, and with my two tripods, I'll use the other camera for other angles!


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