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ATS AT85 Overall Cost? - Gumby?

I bought my AT85 back in 2003 and fired it only four times; about 1000rds through the marker. I have never done any maintenance to the marker and the last time I put paint through it was in 11/2009. I just recently applied air to it to test dry fire it, but it went full auto with the selector switch in the safe position and did not stop until I turned off the air. I did read in a post in this forum to check the barrel and it is screwed handtight and do not want to get into the trigger assembly. I did apply the air again but it then rushed out the end of the barrel, but my tank was low on air that maybe being the cause. I am going get more and try again, but still the marker probably needs maintenance. I am using a remote and 13ci tanks from CiffDiv - do these need to be hydro tested?
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13ci tanks are exempt under the 2" rule, so you are fine there. Have you oiled the marker? If the seals are dry you could have similar issues.
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I went back and oiled the marker, dry fired about 20 rds with the mag in and no problems. Thanks for your help.
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