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Originally Posted by michaelm View Post
Totally Bassdude, I meant no offense btw. Only that not having an insert kit does not automatically mean inconsistent fps. I understand the job of an insert kit as increasing efficiency primarily, its ability to stop roll-outs if one is underboring is also possible, though imho not as effective as a dedicated detent mod like the SSC or ASP ones (unless your paintballs are perfectly spherical.). As for an insert kit increasing accuracy, hmmmm I'd have to see the pudding on that one!

808jackal also has a good idea, though that has not happened to me... yet.
None taken! Haha. And yes, that is true, it doesn't automatically mean inconsistency.

I feel like someone did a test related to control bores. Not sure if it was on efficiency, fps, or accuracy. But it tried to establish what the "best" length for control bore is.

Personally, I have an ASP modded breech on the way. Now I get the best of both worlds, freak bored barrel and detent mod. No double feeding and definitely no rollouts! Woo!
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thanks guys!
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Your welcome! Grab a set of those chubby metric o rings I wrote about if your gettin the asp mod it will hold paint down to at least .673. The asp service is a great mod.
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I agree with 808jackal. In my experience, that has been a REAL source of wide inconsistency. It certainly can cause WILDLY variable shots. Improper barrel sizing will cause a little variability but an unscrewed power tube/cup seal will be ALL OVER THE BOARD. A couple months back, my powertube BROKE OFF where it Screws Into the Cup, I was about to pull my hair out trying to diagnose that.
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