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You guys do a lot of work to aim. I just use the magic elves Mike puts into every phantom.
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I wish I could have built in sights on my phantom, so I could switch between both methods of shooting.
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I just line up the back of my dropout with my nose and look where I want to shoot. with that said with my sight rail on the top it makes it uber easy. a ghost ring in my case would make it even easier.

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I added a Magpul rail and MBUS rear sight to one of my Phantoms. Plinked around with it and was real happy with it.
Went and played a game with it and forgot all about the sight. Looks cool though.

Aim down the barrel, no sights needed.
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I use a Ghost Ring just to give me a quick and rough idea where I am pointing..
I guess you could just sight down the length of the body/barrel...

To be honest, once you use your phantom enough you just kind of know where to point.
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I've always had a red dot, or at least a ghost ring on my Phantom, but rarely use it. It's mostly there for looks. I sight down the side of the barrel.

The only time a red dot sight really comes in handy is with a 6" barrel, which can't aim to save my life at range.
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