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Shooting a phantom with NO sights

Ok, call me stupid, I face the prospect of not getting my ghost-ring sight in the mail before this Saturday's game. Is there a way I can aim my shots more accurately without sights?
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I tend to use the 'notch' between the feed tube and the body to aim my phantom...
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i just look down the side of the barrel. practice allows me to know how far to hold off to the right for the right eye, or visa versa for the left eye.
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^^jd speaks truth. look down the side of the tube/barrel--nice straight line to line up on your target.
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I just line mine up between my eyes, focus in the distance at your target and you'll see two fuzzy barrels. Line the target up between the end the two barrels. A little weird at first, since you'll want to focus on your barrel which makes you lose the double barrel effect.
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Originally Posted by Legolas View Post
^^jd speaks truth. look down the side of the tube/barrel--nice straight line to line up on your target.
This works on all guns, it's how I sight with my Tippmanns.
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i just line up my nose to my feed, keep both eyes open and point and shoot. it goes at the target 99% of the time.
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load up some paint - go where you can plink/target shoot with your marker - spend time plinking away

Some folks swear by traditional target aquisition/sight picture etc - others by pointshooting - others by reference shooting etc etc etc - some methods work better for some folks than others - whichever one you choose - practice practice practice

shoot at stationary targets, move to lead a target, start gun down and snap up then shoot.

sight along the ball path

so many ways to make it work

but - in a crunch - muscle memory and training to snap shoot WILL serve you well in the long run.
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Just yell at them for a paint-check and then shoot when they stop to look. Thats how I roll. ;p

In all seriousness I didn't like how big the ghost-ring made my gun 'feel' when I put it to my face so I just practiced learning to shoot it by sighting down the feed tube/body. I tilt my guns out of habit since all my other guns are center feed so with the phantom it just made an easy V-shaped canal for me to point at people's heads.
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Sights? On a phantom? I didn't think anyone actually used the ghost rings. All the pump guys I play with all just look down the side of the barrel or over the top. I think the ghost ring would just get in my way.
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