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Question What's in your parts box

I just ordered my very first Phantom, and my first pump I've personally owned on top of that. My question is, what's in your parts box? I don't expect the Phantom to be problematic at all, but sometimes markers just go down at the field. Aside from a spring and seal kit what are some items that I should keep on hand if needed? For example a spare TPC or powertube, things along that line. These parts are pretty cheap to get and seem like something worth having if ever needed, but no need to get things that may never get used. Thanks for the input.
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I used to carry a huge tool box with me to the field, mostly because of my days playing renegade and only having one gun.

These days I just bring an extra gun. I have doubles of all my "style" guns...with my Phantom, since it's stock class I have a PGP that I bring as a backup, that way I can use the stock class harness and 12 grams. If a gun goes down I just fix it at home.

You're right, Phantoms tend to be very reliable. I know you might not be able to buy an extra gun but keep in mind that something like a PGP can be had for $50.

However, what's not reliable is paint. That's what I think I would invest in first for the Phantom...either a barrel kit of some sort, detent rings etc.

Since you asked the question though, my Phantom parts box is a small Altoids tin. I keep the spare parts kit they give you with the gun in it, and the detent rings held together with a safety pin. Since the Phantom is so small and light it's my "Keep It Simple" gun. I can put everything I need to play in one small backpack.
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I agree, you shouldn't need much for a phantom parts kit.

Detent rings are great. keep at least a spring set (just in case). I also have a couple spare jet sets, in the event that the one in my gun fails, I can swap it out in less than 5 minutes. Not really needed, though. Most problems can be tracked down to not oiling your phantom, or a spring going bad.


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All you'll ever really need:
1 slot-head screwdriver
bottle orings

Nice to have:
extra seals (cupseal, pierce-pin seal, bolt oring)
extra ball retainer
detent rings
open class setup

I have not been very nice to my phantom at all, but it has been very nice to me. If you do use detent rings you'll probably end up using only the silver (extra small) one, but even that will be too big sometimes. Personally I used nail polish in the barrel after I lost my silver ring.

Personally I have the deluxe parts kit in my bag all the time, but I never use it. (at least on the Phantom, I used the pierce pin seal on my Rapide ) I also always carry an open class breech and bottomline, just in case.

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what wowomatic said. i have 2 phantoms one open class other stickfeed stock class. might do what wowomatic said have option to change to open class or leave as stockclass. most people say use dent rings. i say if have gun that use freaks all ready why not get spare barrel bored out for freaks or get a frantom kit since looks like dye boomstick and quite too. but really all you need is spare o-ring cup seals and dent rings that it. also some good oil too.
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