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Originally Posted by Feyd View Post
Now remember you said must haves not wish list! Because in a wish list I would say built in sizers, CCM fittings, the T pump handle, 86 frame with matching aluminum panels. Oh ya and a cram and jam! Do you need all this stuff? Well no, but it sure is purdy! Feyd...........
You can get the 86* frame to come with the gun right? Or does it automatically come with the 45 and you have to buy the 86 seperately?

I already have a stock class phantom, and am looking to play more open class, so I'll be okay without the cram and jam, and extra goodies like barrels and grip panels will come a few paychecks from now.

with regards to the sizers- would you recommend buying the ccm sizers or a freak bored barrel? I would raher not spend a ton of money on this, because I don't think the paint quality is that great for this to make a huge difference
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I don't like sizers myself and prefer something longer to control the ball for aid in efficiency and accuracy.

If you have a barrel kit of some kind, MPO would be to keep that and not spend money on the sizers. Not sure how the T2 inserts compare.

I know there are others who swear by the sizers (and they look really nice on the T2), so I would chalk it up to personal preference.

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I personaly play a Inserbody T2 -> SIG, and I love it, but it's more exspensive than the normal Barrel and I think just a luxus thing! U don't really need it and there are also bad sides! I would perfer a normal T2 with a Freak-Deadlywind Barrel! That's absolutly perfect!!!
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Yes you can order an 86 frame with the gun at no extra charge. It is an option. You can also get the drop fwd/rvs at the time of ordering. As for the pump handle you can get any style for the T-2 that is available for the T-2. I do like the CCM barrel and sizers. They are nice. If you already have a good barrel kit then you will be fine. Feyd...........
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I think slot blockers are sold out till the next run. Teamate said he bought the last one a couple of days ago. I also get the .684 sizer with it but I don't use the stock barrel more for resale value. I agree with Zondo, I like the longer controll bores of some barrels. If you do plan on using the stock barrel, get the sizers you want with the gun as I believe they are cheaper when ordered together. Good luck, you'll love it when you get it and assuming where you are from, I'll see you at the spring WP game.



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Originally Posted by bokyo View Post
if you have extra $75, might as well go for the gloss finish, your T2 is an investment, either you keep it for long or might sell it, gloss finish will be easier to clean and a bit more protection from scratches.
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86 frame, 14" barrel and imho, get the full set of sizers. A case is an absolute necessity

Yes, the 86 frame can be ordered with, I'm sure its not an extra, Mel or Rod correct me if I'm wrong
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Unless you already have a barrel kit, spring the extra money for the sizers. They work well and you are already getting one sizer and the barrel, might as well get the rest of the sizers. I believe the additional charge is like $60, you wont get any barrel kit for that.

The grip frame and handle is personal preference. I personally love the normal 45 frame along with the T-Handle. The slot blocker can be purchased later and it does help with debris getting in the lower tube. Other than that, CCM is a great marker out of the box. I see no need to put anything else on it.
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The rest of the sizers are an 80 dollar up charge I think
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Better to have and not to need, and its not like you won't get the money back if you sell. Besides, if you decide to get them at a later date, they're a little more expensive and there's the remote chance the colour match won't be exact(that said, ccm's anno guys are pretty feakin good)

Ccm barrels are one of the best stock barrels out imho
Never trust a man; who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn't try it on

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