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SR1 Sniper Rifle sign up for next run

TF,please sticky this.

I want to get an idea of the number of people that would be interested in the next run of SR1s.

CCM never asks for a deposit. Ever.

This rifle WILL NOT have a magazine.There are plenty of other choices out there.

The SR1 is a dedicated First Strike full length Bolt Action SINGLE SHOT sniper rifle with sizer shell load/eject capability or shell lock and A/C thread compatible.

The SR1 works with all real steel furniture.sold with(Tiberius import ) or without. This allows you to design the gun to your specs with choices from manufactures of your choosing .

Our original design was like the real AR15 with the two piece tip up body for easy bolt removal. This design will be used on this model. There will be some cosmetic changes. A real MIL-STD-1913 picatinny rail will be milled full length on the top receiver. A one piece lower. We will still use the same air system.
It has proved itself with 12 grams to be very consistent and efficient thus giving you the smallest profile possible.

It will use autococker threaded barrels. With shells or without.

The look will be along the lines of an AR 15 flat top

And as always,The CCM SR1 is designed and built in the USA.

CCM does not make the stock,grip or forend .

The price is to be determined. We will not compete with imports. CCM always strives to give you the highest quality product for a fair price.

I don't want to give a specific ship date at this time. It causes a lot of grief and disappointment for you the customer. We want this gun out just as soon as you do.

We will try to do personalized serial #'s but if we get to bogged down we will just do the standard serializing .

#0 Deuce

#1 Jebus (666)

#2 dm6rocker (13)

#3 Nessy

#4 Fishy

#5 darkninja

#6 the flounder

#7 donut sd

#8 kerrymcclure888 ( 8 )

#9 bigoldskool

#10 splat15k (15 )

#11 shawn saunders

#12 magnificent 7 370H55V

#13 Trinity

#14 Chicago

#15 vvomp

#16 sonixr7

#17 grazingshot

#18 Black_ice_Dragon

#19 Scharfschutze 661944

#20 macattack278

#21 paintballinfatty

#22 flatliner

#23 commandoman serial # USA0005

#24 Sean_Chip

#25 spindoctor15 serial #USAOO15

#26 dack maddy


#28 crazyorigin ( LH )

#29 240sx

#30 Green_Label 230

#31 djm902 (LH)

#32 bigtuana (RH)

#33 usmcsniper

#34 Nuke (#117)

#35 nuttts 031012

#36 kospauste

#37 SAS Shade LH 229

#38 D3adpool

#39 longhornjake serial #76

#40 rover lead 114

#41 deadpuddle 007

#42 jerzykid22 (22)

#43 i8pie2day

#44 jollychainesaw

#45 shinjinian (002)



#48 fullofpaint (LH)

#49 tedaut

#50 mailmanmike 05062011

#51 bss

#52 uranus

#53 notlocbc CBC77

#54 djmatt123 6699

#55 Stitch x42x

#56 htwhlr

#57 macloacas

#58 ravenwood808 (#ravenwood01)

#59 sbrooker

#60 retread

#61 mspd (18)

#62 gunnerSAS

#63 Toolski

#64 sslater66

#65 Velintor


#67 casper

#68 1337 sn bullseye

#69 chalkriverracing #69

#70 Dan Thompson


#72 Dave McCarty

#73 lobo #088

#74 looper

#75 John Consoli

#76 Brian Quigley

#77 Hooligan

#78 davros

#79 titian XIII

#80 duybuin

#81 lurt

#82 gecko5678 AMERICA01

#83 paintball0531

#84 CIamonaco #17

#85 Rieki

#86 tomokuen

#87 Cyrus the Virus #87

#88 Gurpy 114

#89 theholc

#90 really lucky "Really Lucky"

#91 church313 #97

#92 Crimson Death 1776

#93 swiftblade13 Heb. 4:12

#94 jluke

#95 manwe33

#96 kkpatel87

#97 sasraven

#98 sasraven

#99 huggybear13

#100 sniper42

#101 EL17E76 011776

#102 hellion360 #13

#103 Thorshammer45 #33

#104 jjron99

#105 2ofeverything





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Ecc. 9-10
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I'm down for one...sent a PM Bill.
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With the addition of a rail milled into the top, I'd be in for one

things for sale!
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Depending on when these are to be made, I'd be in for one.
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Interested, very interested. As long as I have the funds when this gets done I will take one. When do you think this might get started?
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Please add me to the list.
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Sorry, that's classified.
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Put me on the list
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Any info on price?
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Mcb.... if it isn't modded, whored, lusted over or covered in mayo.... then that gun does not exist.
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yes info on price please and an estimate on when they would be done ? I would like to be on the list as well
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UPDATE, remove me for now. I will have to catch the next:next production run.

Original post: I am interested. Is there a web page yet on the product ?

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