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School me on Chipleys

Just sold of some stuff and have some money left over, Would like to invested them a CCM pump.

But I have absolutely no clue about the difference in models.
I have only played with an empire sniper in the openclass area before.

Just a quick runthru would help me alot.

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Models they still produce
T2- half block dual cocking rod, can you center,left , or right feed
S6- full block single cocking rod
S6.5- half block version of s6,
J12 newest model they made

There's a lot more I just don't really feel like going into just go to the armory and get on the ccm page and look around there amazing guns
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Don't do it once you buy one you'll be hooked on their products save yourself it's too late for meee gaahhhh!!
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Check out this thread, CCM Options
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All CCM's perform pretty much identically. The biggest things to consider are comfort and what you think looks best. I have owned almost all marker models produced by CCM and haven't noticed any change in performance just in comfort. I prefer the S6.5 with a T Grip, feels natural to me.
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Pretty much everything that can possibly been said has been, you buy one and then you have more. They build the best open class pump on the market. Their platforms aren't just rebuilt snipers (autocockers without pneus and a pump kit) they machine the bodies to tighter tolerances and make guns that hey (CCM) would play with and use.Plus you get a custom gun made the way you want it.
Rod is their main tech and he is a player as well as Mel. When you buy a CCM you get the best customer service backing to go with it. Used or new they are there for you.
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best way I could put it is if you know cockers...they are the eclipse cockers of the pump world....simply the best!
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Love my s6.5 with the ezgrip. Feels natural for me
play pump.......
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Awesome pump stroke, great feel, points easily, really nice trigger...backed by the Super Nice people @ CCM, lifetime warranty with new purchase from CCM...once you get a CCM, you will become a "pump player" and start selling off all your other markers....CCM ruined my whoring!

I am not a CCM fanboy, since picking up a S6 (my personal fav), it is pretty much all I play with for the last 3.5 years. Also have a T2 (T2 & S6.5 are half-blocked, S6 is full bodied). Options include 45 or 86 trigger frame and several different styles of pumps (I would go T-grip on a T2 or EZ or standard on a S6)...and of course anno, check out the pic thread!

I had a friend try my S6 and he was hooked! He later bought it and he has gotten at least 2 other friends interested in pump. Playing pump will make you a better player, snap shooting is your friend!

During rec ball, I rarely feel out shot. I may not win every battle against electros, but I win my share and those I don't win, I make them work very hard for the victory. In an emergency, there is an AT, it will even put ramping electros back in their bunker!

One of my best games, I was down 4 v 1 and pulled off the Victory! You can easily compete with a pump! There are also games I don't do so well!

Resale is very good on CCM pumps! They also have a full barrel kit, matching fittings & alum panels for the grips!

If I could only have one paintball marker in life, it would be my S6, hands down, no questions asked!

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Thanks for the info guys.

Already a pump player mainly stockclass, but no openclass marker.
Had the EmpireSniper but sold if for fund towards a CCM.

Love the look of the T2 and the feeling of the 86grip.
Got it mounted on one of my phantoms.
You don't make friends with electros.

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