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Wait! There is one more

This is really more so just to show off the gun with the ano, but here is the only J12 with CCI ano on it. This is not for sale, this is Billís gun. (Until Bill decides to sell it) We just thought it looked insanely beautiful and had to share. This also has no bearing on where we stand on J12 production, this is S/N #2 from the first batch, so please donít ask. Thank you!

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Waiting on GoD.
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Sweet mother of all things glorious, that is beautiful! I really wish I had the change to be put on the waiting list...
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It's beautiful! However; this is cruel and unusual punishment... we can't get a J12 and REALLY can't get a CCI acid wash J12.
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"Mar" bro: welcome to the forum, super nice marker - hopeful for your sale.
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Love it!!!
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Mel, you are a tease!
Originally posted by heinous: "sniper's gun always gets extra camera love"
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Saw this on Facebook earlier. Its about time Bill had a CCM he can call his own. Congrats Bill!
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Youbdont hang out here on MCB much do ya?
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Always. This is like an old folks home
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Beautiful! So that is really a J11? Serial #0-9 were marked as J11 and production models were marked J12?
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very nicely done!
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