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CCMachinist 04-11-2008 10:39 PM

ccm tippmann barrels
Rod and I were messing around today.(no,not with each other) and trying to come up with a cool looking barrel for my Tippmann AK.When it came right down to it, simple won the day.We both liked the look with a simulated "CAN" (silencer) on the end of the barrel.It is not a detachable end.I just undercut the barrel.I drilled some holes near the shroud for venting.I didn't want to put any holes in the end of the barrel as to detract from the look.I am going to get them hard anodized dull black to stay with the look of the marker.Here is a couple of pics.

Here is a couple of different lengths I made.That short barrel looks really bada**.Just right for CQB.

here is a close-up of the porting.

Whoa,is this supposed to be in the Tippmann fourm? Hold on Mod, don't move it yet.snip,snip,align,click.Ok.Here is a new CCM barrel with a Tippmann marker attached to it.

DarkArmorPB 04-11-2008 10:53 PM

How much sound does the porting get rid of compared to a stock Tippmann barrel?

It looks cool as hell btw. :)


Talfuchre 04-11-2008 11:30 PM

I am fairly sure that if your name is CCMachinist - you can post whatever you make here.


CCMachinist 04-11-2008 11:47 PM

The stock barrel is well,stock.I don't believe I have shot it with the stock barrel.These new barrels were not as loud as I was expecting.The holes didn't seem to make much difference either.We were standing in the parking lot beside our metal shop building.So, when the sound waves hits the wall it bounces back at you. I'm not sure how many holes it takes to make a barrel quite.Somewhere between 10 and a 1000.I'm sure we have all seen every combination out there.It shoots straight just like the 100's of barrels we have used to test markers with.The biggest detriment to velocity is really short barrels (4") I had one on my A5 it looked pretty cool.
We like 12" on our pumps .And the biggest problem we have had with accuracy has always been bad paint or the wrong sizer. On these tippmann barrels I went for looks.As far as accuracy goes we didn't have any problem hitting our targets.:gunsfiring:

CCMachinist 04-12-2008 12:11 AM


Originally Posted by Talfuchre (Post 369102)
I am fairly sure that if your name is CCMachinist - you can post whatever you make here.


Thanks probably thought I was just a ccm fanboy.I really like the Tippmanns.I think they are the best in their class.Dress it up.And yes I bought a C3.I think it is one of the most innovative ideas to come down the pike in a long time.It could really go somewhere if it wasn't patented.The more that people can play with an idea the better it gets.Just think if it was design for a 12 gram propane cylinder or maybe stick you bic in it.You could probably get 1000 shots from a 12 gram.(you can do the math).Just think about that.A 12 gram in the grip and shoot all day.No bottle sticking in your armpit.And best of all it wouldn't look funky with that coleman camp bottle sticking on the end.But it will probably get buried.The hopper is next.The hopper is a LIE.

DarkArmorPB 04-12-2008 12:43 AM

This pumper likes scenario guns too. ;)

Edit> Lets see CCM's collection. :D


CCMachinist 04-12-2008 12:52 AM

ooooahhhh.Where did you get that dressup kit for the top marker? have you shot the rap spas?

CCMachinist 04-12-2008 01:06 AM

What do you think of Cushmans dress up kits? I really like his mg42 for the A5.In the video it sounds pretty cool.


DarkArmorPB 04-12-2008 01:08 AM

Believe it or not. I traded a rf phantom for the 50 sniper rifle kit a while ago. Its an OPsgear setup with some parts thrown on it from one of my rifles. "Bipod assembly". I had the A-5 and just threw the parts onto it.

No. I havent messed with the SPAS yet. Been too busy with my pumps. ;)

That MG kit would be the tits if I was going to go and attend the D-Day event in OK. I love its looks. :)


Talfuchre 04-12-2008 08:15 AM

Yeah... DAPB pretty much owns one of everything currently made for paintball.

That wall is actually a representative of infinity. It simply goes and goes FILLED with markers.

I loathe him for that... ;)


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