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Tell me about this field those that have played it

Private Pump / Pistol Game on 01/20/07 @ 11 - 2:00 & 3 - 6:00

MCB members are welcome to join our group from MN

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I haven't played it,but,I've been dying to ever since I first heard of it.I plan to make a road trip out to it within the next 2 years
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I haven't been there for a few years, please consider that regarding my statements.

I personally thought the place was disgusting. With it being in a cave, the paintballs never get washed away by rain, so paint mixes with the woodchips and really gets pretty disgusting.

The fields themselves though are pretty sweet, with it being divided up by huge rock pillars. It is easy to sneak around.

Last time I was there, everything was incredibly overpriced, but that might have changed now.

Hope that helps out a little bit.

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Just a short note

It’s been almost a year for me, but it is my favorite local rec field.

From start to finish:

It is located in an area filled with underground warehouse complexes so to get to the field you go through a checkpoint but they wave you right through if you tell them your going to Jaegers (if they even come out of their little shed).

You go to the parking lot, grab your gear and walk into the cave complex. It’s a little bit of a distance so wheely type bags are good. When you get through the last door to the actual check in place the rec ball is to your left and the speedball court is on your right. They have a airsmith/store in between (you can see it real easy, lots of kids with cockers all lined up ).

I didn’t think the entrance fee was so bad but the paint can get to you if you are on a budget. Playing pump should help. Bring a can of food to donate to the KC food locker and they knock a little off the entrance fee. It was competitive with Drop Zone, the other field I have been to in KS.

Once you have paid up, you move towards the staging area. Picnic tables straight ahead, Chrono on the left, changing rooms/bathrooms just beyond the chrono area. Set up at a table but beware, stuff has disappeared from there (so I have heard, my wife usually guards my stuff). There are bleachers beyond the picnic table where you are safety briefed or you can watch games through a beat up plexi window. To the left of that is a party room (they thrive on B-Day business) to the right is the area where you prep to go to the field ( masks on, plugs in).

They use hardhats to tell what team you are on. Yellow or blue are the two colors. You can buy a hanky to put on your head like a do-rag (for a price!); I bought Wal-mart Corona hats for when I go (one blue, one yellow; if the teams are uneven they will reorganize just before the game).

One team stays just inside the entrance, the other is walked to the far end. The ref calls out what type of game it is (fox and hound, elimination, El Presidente, etc). The refs are young and are more there for safety I think then to ref. You start after the ref countdown, sometimes they use a whistle. All the Agg little kiddies will be shooting right up until the game begins (I don’t know what they are shooting at, I ignore them. Probably the only time they get to shoot before being tagged out )

The caves are more like a big warehouse with big carved out pillars holding the ceiling up then cave caves. There are pallet bunkers and 55 gal drums scattered about. There are some cave type hiding areas where there used to be generators etc. I really like playing on it, it can be fun trying to get angles without getting shotup. There are good players of all ages that hang out there. If you get pinned down, you can mug at your folks watching you through the Plexi window while you’re waiting for the enemy to run out of paint.

I have just described the big field, there are like three more for private parties or if the big field gets too crowded.

Almost everything during play is on the honor system although I do remember one time when they made everyone blow a couple of rounds in the chrono area to insure we were using house paint. Chrono paint was free (280 fps? You will probably need to rechrono your gun at first because of being underground. I always shoot a little hot at first with guns I have set up at home).

It always stays relatively warm/cool because it’s underground.

If you rent equipment you need an ID card of some type. It smells like a cave. It is kinda dirty but the plus (if you have females) is that they have real bathrooms instead of porta potties.

Speedballers will slum over to the rec side, but no rental guns on the speedball court (that’s all I know about the speedball court).

M98s for rental guns, maybe SL68 IIs? I can’t recall if they have pumps or if it was Pro Carbines I was looking at.

There are outdoor fields (never been on them or even seen them).

You can get a pizza delivered and I believe it was a reasonable price.

Lots of B-Day kids, after getting the crap shot out me waiting for them to move forward my new tactic is to rush through them and make a dash for the 50 (as I should have been doing anyways).

It’s sorta dark, you need good clear goggles.

The shop is expensive except they had a good deal on v-force lenses (their rental mask of choice, they must order in bulk, and aren’t all field shops expensive?)


Some of this is a little hazy, I plan on going again soon, I am already about a month an a half behind schedule. Maybe Sunday but most likely next week.

Anyone, feel free to correct anything I have bobbled or left out.

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they rarely play the speedball field, the underground part smells horrible, and the field they play the most is on a hill so it is unfair (it could be fair, but each team has the same amount of people so it isnt). I would recommend elsewhere.
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Thank you all for your feedback & skx762 for the extensive breakdown

A few of us from MN are planning on going down before spring.

Was thinking if we had enough intrest we could set up a pump/pistol private group.

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Jeez guys, I didn't think it smelled that bad. I WAS still smoking then though, maybe my sniffer wasn't working so good?

And who plays speedball anyways.

If you all are coming down and don't mind a spare, drop me a line. Tell me if any of em are from upstate. I'm headed that way (back home) in a few months and wouldn't mind making some connections.

The caves are man made, not like some of the real caves I have been in Texas. Those would have been wild to play paintball in. The tree huggers woulda had heart attacks though, seems like they have "delicate eco systems" or something.
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Jaegers was a waste of my money, to tell you the truth. The reffing was horrible, the place smelled like crap (literally) and it was way too expensive. Its not really the most pump friendly field either.
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Let's see if I can fill in where skx left off:

Rentals - Tippy M98s. They still have the Sl-68II's, though not sure why, as I haven't seen anyone use 'em in years.

Rec play - Inside or out, it's pretty much catch as catch can: if you get a large influx of lame players (speedballers trying to boost their ego, noobs who don't wanna play right, etc), it's gonna be some lame playing as the refs aren't going to work much to fix it. However, if you bring in enough of your own friends, you tend to set the tone for the day.

Smell - It's a cave that's pretty damp. I've smelled worse, but really, it's not like you're playing in the elephant pen at the zoo. You get used to it, you don't notice it after a while, drive on.

Outdoor fields - The last time I was there they had one speedball-ish field, and one small chunk of town to play in. They weren't fantastic, but for rec-play they were okay. Even in the summertime, the indoor fields play better and have better variety and layout.

Caves - They are indeed dark, but the paint fill they sell tends to be white so people have a harder time wiping. The floor is covered with sand and everything seems to be coated with a layer of paint. BRING EXTRA CLOTHES FOR AFTERWARDS! Paint goo gets on everything. Still, the layout is big so that teams have room to maneuver (their big room is as wide as most speedball fields are long, and about 2 to 3 times longer than it is wide) and fall back and regroup. Lots of space to move in, which is what I like.

My $.02.
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OK we are setting up to play there on 01/20/07 so anyone that would like to join us let me know -

And thanks again for the comments -

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