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panhead4411 08-28-2011 09:46 PM

It Gear Paintin time again...
So i just ordered a whole lot of new gear...well mainly masks and the 5/50 packs, and other stuffs related to low-ammo play style.

So i decided i should paint the new masks so i don't have to worry bout ghillie'ing them for the big games (b/c cleaning all those mask hits from the big games aren't fun w/ ghillie everywhere).

I figured i wanted to re-do the paint on my pistol and long-gun as well, as they were looking a bit ragged after the last few years of play.

So, here are the 5 masks i painted up for various environments and such.

First one this batch, tried for a simple woods pattern.

#2, i tried a more deeper woods pattern

#3, i then went back (after driving all over known space to find nobody selling the color of light 'army green' on #1) and tried a more layered version of #1.

#4, i decided to combine #2 & 3 to an appealing result

#5, i went for a more dry season (no greens) look

And here are some of the hoppers painted in the theme of mask #2

And the Pistol after the 3rd layer

Overall, i was very happy w/ my efforts this weekend.

Was hoping to install all my 30mm fans into these guys this weekend, but spent too much time driving from store to store looking for the right color of fans will happen next week...

Questions, comments, concerns...

WALZ 08-28-2011 11:34 PM

Very Nice! I have also camo'd lots of markers and I use different leaves and grass to help make patterns. Just set markers flat and set leaves, grass. twigs, etc... over base coat and spray directly over them-small bursts are best and change colors up. Sometimes you find the perfect leaf, grass, flower... and it wont bend correctly so I use a little spray glue on backside (let dry a bit) and stick it in place. Anyway you have done a sweet job and I like them a lot. I did expect to see a bunker colored mask thou.

Modded-Like-Hell 08-28-2011 11:39 PM

what paint do u use? will paint come off when a paintball hits it? i think i may wanna do this...

WALZ 08-28-2011 11:47 PM

I have done it with the camo kits you can buy from a sporting goods store and also with rustolium paint you can buy from your local hardware store. Both work real well as I have some markers from the late 80's that still look good. Real important is the prep-clean with soap and water until all oils are removed from you marker and you are good to go. To keep your finish long lasting use a clear flat-semi-or gloss spray for final coats. I usually give them three coats of clear.

1-i 08-28-2011 11:49 PM

I like what you did on the pistol

Did you tape the curves or was a stencil used?

panhead4411 08-29-2011 12:52 AM


Originally Posted by WALZ (Post 1982393)
I did expect to see a bunker colored mask thou.

I considered it...use a pattern similar to those of the british ww2 era naval ships, with some random colors. Just never decided on colors, and we don't play speedball w/ air bunkers much anyways. I've even gone so far as to handpaint leaves and other accents on my long-gun, might do that again if i feel like it. Since i play in wooded areas mostly inhabited by honeysuckle bushes, i find those work best, though i usually throw in some random other branches when i think they look neat. (i also have a bunch of digi 'stencils' made out of paper that i used a long time ago if i ever wanted to do that again)

As for the bunkers in the 'woods' fields, i've found a good bushy camo works wonders as it just looks like the brush behind the bunker. (i've sat my face infront of many a window for way too long)

As for paint, yeah, pretty much any good camo colored paint, typically the 'camo' paint sold at hardware stores, but sometimes the only good color is in some other in/out satin paint.

So far paint seems to hold fine for hits, it just gets a little rough from prolonged exposer to oil. The pistol wore out fastest though as it had all the extra holster wear/tear.

About the pistol. I only used honeysuckle branches in layers.

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