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VooDoo_Coatings 12-02-2011 11:32 PM

Phantom bolt action rifle project
Just started working on a interesting project and figured I would post it up.

We took a CCI Phantom and modified one of the old take off stocks we had laying around to fit on the Phantom receiver. We gave the stock a slight downward angle so that when wearing a mask you are able to sight down the top of the marker without the stock getting in the way. The angle also gave enough clearance between the stock and valve for a thumb to rest on the backstrap. The stock was hollow inside part of the grip frame so we used a bedding compound to fill in the void and make a nice tight fit on the frame of the marker. The forearm of the stock was inletted to fit the barrel and we again used a bedding compound to make a nice tight fit. The body was modified to accept first strike rounds and we modified a old bolt handle to cycle the bolt on the left side of the body and a notch to lock it into battery. We will also be making a dust cover that will attach to the bolt and will cover the breach and both sides of the bolt to help prevent debris from entering the marker but will move when the marker is cycled to allow a new round to be chambered. Once we finish mounting the rail to the top of the body we will refinish everything to match and mount a very small red dot pistol scope on the rail. All in all it has been a very fun project, I have really enjoyed it. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

I will post some pictures up of the finished product once it is finished.

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