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Originally Posted by SOLEX View Post
what do you use for protect the steal.

Originally Posted by Stuffy View Post
Great job man!
Now just remember to clear coat that steal with something(poly) so it doesn't rust.
Or grease (Moly).
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I'd use a clear gloss polyeurathane. Minwax brand.
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The Ex-Rental Rebuild


In the Middle:

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Really nice work!!! if you ever sell it, let me know
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As I got it:

First step - I did a full tear down and cleaned and degreased/re-oringed the bolt/hammer assembly. The grips are actually nice wood grips, just very dried out and peeling. I sanded and treated them - they turned out pretty damn nice.

Second Step - Polished the body and stripped/sanded the steel parts and potmetal grip frame.

Thirs Step - repainted the gripframe and external steel parts

Final Step - Reassembly!


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Forgot about this thread, I've got one that I recently did:

And the sale picture:

Not as shiny as some, but I still put in the polishing time. The rust came out pretty easily and those parts really were impressive when I was finished.

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So I bought a really beat up mag for $60 last year....

Here are some of the parts from when I got it - yes, that is spray paint! I had pics of the whole gun, but I can't find them.

So I stripped them of the paint and sent them away for a lil bath. My brother took the body and polished it for me - he's damn good with polishing tools(did the Piranha SB a couple posts up).

Came back form ano today, assembled annnnnd HUUUZAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i know this isnt a current thread but rather than start a new toter that mag is A BEAUTY!
cleaned these old rentals up today.
had to hammer them apart
they arent super smooth because the hammer and bolt were a little pitted.
they shoot great though.


i just lightly blasted all the parts, then threw a quick flat coat of paint on the outside. and hit the internalls w/ fine wet/dry sand paper.
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Great work , they look vary clean , any future mods to them
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Wait, what? Who's that This is vary disturbing
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