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NEVERMIND! I have a little bit complicated idea that'd require either a much larger powertube system, or completely reworked valve system....well its not SO complicated...but... an enlarged powertube, the forward tube is basically a dump chamber, with the bolt having a plunger that has a reversed cupseal to keep it sealed, when cocked...when it fires, the dump chamber dumps the air through the porting around the bolt, which pushes it against a main spring, which would return the bolt, and it'll basically slam back into the powertube system, thereby opening the valve to pour air into dump chamber, if there is indeed enough chamber space to cause the ball to go i said, a much larger powertube would be necessary...but if done properly, this would mean that the marker would essentially be a simpiflied Automag/ Desert Fox......unregged.... (reg would be nice to keep it HP tho..)
the bolt's system probably would be complicated to machine...but if this could be done, then it is possible to have a drop-in Nelson Semi-Auto kit..

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i just thought of an idea . why not take a spyders lowers and cut off the top tube , and plug the hole for the bot to pass air fomr the valve to the bolt .
so plug the valve so it only does blow back . now take a 1/4 inch pice or alum and mount it on the lower tube . then take the phantom . take off the grip and mount the valve and bodie to the top of the alum plate/spider lowers .. now connect the spyder streiker to the phantom bolt . when the striker is back . the phantom will be cocked and in a open bolt position . when you pull the trigger the spyder striker will fly foward with enuf force to pushthe phantom bolt foward chambering a ball . but for it to fire , thats where the alum plate comes in , have a pin from oneside to the other so when the phantom striker goes past it . it will hit the pin like and auto trigger on a phantom and it will release the bolt and fly back and fire , then the spyder striker gets its blowback and flies backwards with thte phantom bolt and then connects the phantom bolt to the phantom striker and its ready to fire again .

it would take alot of proto typeing but i think it could work . you would need to know exactly where to put te pin so it would time perfectly . and it would be open bolt . lol
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sounds like a mech RM
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yeah but it wont have any rams . its a non pnu rm lol
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