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Convert your Ammo Box to fit your Cocker Feedneck! How To.

So - I needed a 50 round hopper and wanted to use my old Ammo Box. I needed a spacer to fit on the outside of the Ammo box that was fitted to the inside of my vert fed CCM Series 5. I knew a 1/2 PVC coupler would fit the OD of the Ammo Box so I modded one to fit the ID of the Series 5.

Step One) Buy 1/2 PVC Coupling like the one shown here:

Step Two) Measure coupling so that you cut off only what you need. This should be almost in half. This peice should fit the O/D of the Ammo box snugly.

Step Three) Turn down the outside of the coupling slightly fit the I/D of the feedneck in question. In this example it was a CCM No Rise. If you do not have a lathe - I did not - simply use your dremel to slightly sand the outside of the coupling until it fits.

Step Four) Sand the coupling flat and give it a test fit.

Step Five) Go blast fools in the face.

Finsih Pics:

On Gun:

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Hmm... A no brainer, but then again, I never would've thought of it. Lol.

Good advice though.
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Actually I was just thinking of that today. I was going to turn down a piece of alum. But you showed a cheaper alternative. Nice call,nice mod.
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I did the same thing but I did not cut it.. I left it the length it can in. I left me a nice 4 or 5 ball stack.

Good mod.
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