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Originally Posted by spisla View Post
how much do trillogys go for used?
in this sale edwards1 is selling one for $60 cocker, trillogy, nova 700
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Originally Posted by volunteer paintball View Post
in this sale edwards1 is selling one for $60 cocker, trillogy, nova 700
hope thats there for a while. is 60 bucks the usual price?
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50-60 is what I have seen them for. I recently traded a chrono for one owrth about the same in price. Seems solid though I just found out the valve spring is a spyder which pisses me off. Honestly I would wait and look for an older WGP cocker something 1999 and up.
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Yeah, Trilogies range from ~$60-80, depending on what model you get. I'd highly recommend getting the Competition or the Pro, since the Sport doesn't have a reg. And the price difference is pretty slim.
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Discount paintball has triliogys for 74.95, not sure if they are new or reman.
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Originally Posted by heinous View Post
sounds like someone bought the substandard stock and made guns out of them?
Iirc, mine was an I&I/ebay auction (as opposed to a BIN). It had all the parts and case. I can see I&I making parts guns, but it didn't look like anyone had actually put any effort into it. I would have thought they would have tightened the screws and connected the hoses at least. I can see the o-ring thing being the source of a lot of the complaints about tolerances. The o-rings are in good shape and appear to fit, but metrics are just a hair too small in standard grooves. You could actually see daylight lengthwise down the three-way with the rod in it.

I haven't seen any SB frames that look smoothed over like a Dye, which really killed the frame for me because all of the sharp edges were sitting on my fingers.

I think the lightning had a better operating percentage. The superbolt has always interested me as an example of machining mass production for minimal cost. It's also a great gun to get and chop up for projects; no one complains.
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