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Does it make me a bad person...

When I take out a cocky kid/adult with a electro and feel an intense sense of gratification and justice?

True story... I was at my local paintball field, as I am every other Saturday. It was a somewhat small open group crowd, about 5-8 throughout the day. One of my regular buddies, "Will" we will call him, and later in the day a young (16-19) guy came up to Will and talked about how much they rocked at paintball and how He, Will, and one other young guy (16-19) could beat the rest of us. Rest of us included me, with a Sheridan P68SC (rolling 12grams of course) and four others youngins with rentals and cheap walmart-ish guns.

I gladly except the challenge, first game, I take out cocky kid and unknown kid, before Will gets me. Second game, I take out all three.

He never once looked me in the eye after those two games. Am I wrong to feel happy that I took him down a notch or two?
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Un Tico
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Not at all. I played once at a field where there were tons of guys with their own set ups, mostly mid range electros. they were playing agains some newbies with rentals or wally tippmans. they were happy and bosting that they were winning every round agaist this newbie/rental team. i was there by myself so i asked them if i can jump in and went on the newbie team, with my autococker. though it did not make the final outcome of the games in our favor, i did start getting a few of them out and they would turn their attention to me from the start, giving the other newbies a chance to actually play, shoot and advance, instead of been pinned down by spray and pray.
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you are mean..... J/K

When I get annoyed at little kids ramping on me, I get my Ego and even the playing field.

So you know where I stand
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i think crap talk is funny... i RUN my mouth... in a kidding fashion. but thats who i am, also i only play pump. so.. meh
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getting a guy who runs his mouth out is always a good feeling, don't feel bad about it...

I feel great when I get guys out (especially because I'm not that good ) and feel better when I get a jerk out, so a guy that runs his mouth is somewhere in the middle
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My friends and I are pretty good at keeping the crap talk and egos (not the marker) to a minimum at the field.
When someone brings a big ego and starts talking crap we have a habit of putting them in their place over and over again.

One of the younger guys at the field this weekend got a little talking to about ramping, bonus balling and just playing dirty. He did smarten up after that and there were no hurt feelings and such.
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Well usually I just tell them that they really, no really! are the best. I BELIEVE YOU SERIOUSLY.
They usually stop talking to me about then.
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I'm not gonna lie, I do talk trash on the feild. But usually I'm talking to a friend on the other side, or non hurtful comments like "I see you". However I have a problem with swearing at cheaters. I shut right up if the situation calls for it though.
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Why does it matter what marker you or him use?

Us vs Them needs to go the way of the Dodo.

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I just love these 'boasting' threads.

Everybody loves me!

If I hurt your feelings or otherwise offended you, click here.
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