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i like using my tank as a stock also. Its even better when my Taso Nice Butt stock is on it.
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Depends on the gun, but I don't think I even own a gun with a stock anymore. When I did, it was a T-Stock.
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I went from 5 years of a carter l-stock to shouldering a tank. I miss my l-stock. I'm thinking of switching it up to a bottle with a buttplate or back to an l-stock. I found the consistency with how my gun lines up with a stock is much better than a tank. But maybe that's because I'm still new to the tank world.
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I prefer stocks, but mainly because I completely dislike backbottle, and bottomline setups. I've long been a fan of the vert setup. So long that anythings else feels odd.

As a side result, most of my guns utilize some sort of stock. T-stocks are my favorite, but I also like L-stocks, gasthrus, and woods stocks. I'm not picky.

But to answer the OP's question, stocks fell out of style in the late 80s. Guns started getting backbottles, making a stock redundant.

But then came back in style briefly in the early 90s when guns started coming out with vertical adapters for a more compact setup. People, like myself found you could then add a stock. But this trend ended as co2-UNfriendly guns needed ECs, LPCs, and regs to function.

Since then everything has used bottomlines. Bleh
Anyway, here is some stock porn:


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Back to paintball.
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I would prefer a ball stock. My preferred setup was a tennis ball on the back of my 13ci and 22ci tank. It allows for the weird angles in paintball but still provided the comforts and stability of a stock.
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While I can use just about any method, it really depends on the marker the stock is to be mounted to. For my 98's I prefer something more more mil-sim. For your garden variety stacked tube blow back design I prefer the use of a T-stock.

I also have a PMI/Sheridan pump with a wire frame stock on it. Basically it is an L-stock with another piece going from the top of the back to just behind the top of the grip. I also find that rather comfortable.
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Hmmm, I need to find a way to attach a stock to my KP2
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I have always loved the but alas I have short hobbit arms and most T-Stocks are a bit long for real comfort. It's like shootin an M4 then going to REMF unit and being issued an A2, it's just not meant to be.

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I rock a 3.5 with a tennis-ball connected to a modified piranha ASA on my phantom. It's really short so I can get nice and tight, but still be steady for longer range/ nice snap shots. And because I play modified stock class it's really easy to rock (being such a short stock)
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I have found out over the course of a few days of play with my phantom that i can't shoot jack without some kind of stock, so not to thread jack, but what style stock should i get? I have shot rifles before, so i think the t-stock would marry well to that idea, but i don't know. Thoughts?
Again sorry to thread jack, but this seemed like a good place to do it
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I disappear for months and this STILL isn't out?! Who do I have to murder to get one of these?
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Oh Redbeard, you are giving me the absolute bluest balls ever. THE BLUEST!!!
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