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I have bought 4 phantoms over the years, and I have sold 4 phantoms in disgust. I expect more out of "the nicest, most refined nelson you can buy." I get it in my head that they shoot better than my boat anchor trracers. They dont. I also get it in my head that they can be upgraded and 'futureproofed' against the ever shrinking paintball. All my phantoms shot like a dream, just the kind of dream that you wake up from with a cold sweat and you're screaming. Long graceful paint arcs that went nowhere close to what I was aiming at. I'm building Phantom #5 off of MCB B/S/T loose parts, you'd think I'd learn.

I don't regret my carter buzzards, but the freaking cannons don't sip the go juice capriciously enough, keep stable enough velocities, or have suitable barrel options... I love them but I cant keep them on the pegboard for very long. They rock in the back yard, shoot flat and loud and strong, but I shudder at putting them in an environment where they would be used as mere workhorses. I would cry if one got dings or scratches on the field. Too nice for use, don't have the stock class virtues that put some of the odds back in the hands of the SC shooter, and a vintage barrel system that has few virtues. Ive had 4 buzzards, all of them have been works of art, but I'm just not the kind of guy that can get down and dirty with them. I'm gonna cut loose buzzard #4 this season.

There have been plenty of other markers in my hands that make me feel ill, but I'm not dumb enough to buy them.
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Mine was pretty recent... a Ripper Victory.

Bought this gun knowing very little about Vics. Biggest Complaint was the low velocity. I had a lot of fun getting it to chrono over 250. Combine that with the weight and the fact that I just did not like it... I sold it for 600 and a yak'ed E-Cocker that I traded about three weeks later for a Species and never looked back.
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Tiberius T9. This was a few years ago. I sent it to the factory to be fixed almost constantly. I even ran into Tyler Tiberius once by chance at Spec Ops Paintball in Salt Lake City, had him tech it, and he ended up giving me a First Strike kit out of the trunk of his car because he couldn't figure it out. I sent it in one last time, when I received it, I shot a couple mags through it, and sold it immediately. I've never been so happy to get rid of anything in my life.
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Yeah. I was pretty happy to sell my T9 as well, as part of my switch over to having all mags.
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Avalon GT Commando 2 (read:JABB, but an overpriced JABB); damn thing never worked right. I replaced the cup seal nearly every day of play because metal filings would just magically appear.

Classic PGP. My first pump, first stock class gun, playing against RT tippmanns and timmys back in the day. I remember sitting there after being shot trying to run flank through some thick woods contemplating if I should just throw this thing in the mud and stomp it down so deep it never gets hit by a photon ever again. Instead, I sacked up and accepted the challenge. I really liked that gun about 3 months later, but having bested the challenge I sold it off after getting a phantom.
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Tippmann F/A serial # 99

Man, I thought the Cyclone feed was awesome when it first came out, and dry firing one in full auto in the store felt great. Unfortunately, it sat for years and years because I could never, as careful as I was, get it to fire more than 7 or 8 shots before turning into a blender.
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TPX, the trigger pull felt spongy and weird to me. It was long and not very smooth. I preferred the trigger pull on the T8 that I had at one point.
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PPS SuperStocker. Lovely to look at. Unported, with dual regs and UMB...couldn't hit anything I wanted to with it...shots went wild. Then I did...and sold it with extreme prejudice.
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PT Xtreme. Still asking myself why. I knew they have issues especially with the pierce pin seal. Still bought it. Never could get it to work with 12 grams. Sold that junk and spent more on shipping than I netted for the gun.

BE Tiger Shark. For $20, it got me into pump paintball. But the springs are all worn out now and won't chrono over 240. And looking back, I feel like that $20 would have been better spent on a better pump to begin with.

JT ER-2. Thought it would be a fun mod project. It's just a cool looking plastic piece of junk. Just not worth the time and effort.

A bunch of Spyders. I love Spyders, but I always seem to buy another project gun with not enough time for projects.
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