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I was at DFW Adventure Park and we were told to get to a certain bunker and secure it. Problem was, there was a clump of about 3 guys on the hilltop at the trailhead - from the OPFOR. They had a great position and knew where to put 'em to keep us I told my buddy to cover me...I went over the edge of the lagoon and crab-walked around the edge of the pond to where they were...they never suspected someone might get riled/nuts enugh to do the pond...

Well, long story short....2 picture-perfect, ckeek-splitting, butt-crack-plugging shots...from behind AND BELOW them....that forced the 3rd guy to go to ground in a hole, and we finished him off about 3 minutes later...

What makes this even funnier is when I remember the medic rules...the medic had to hold the spot of the hit for 1 minute to 'heal' it...I told them I didnt need the mental scars...just get out - they were surrounded anyway, so save their medic for a time when he could actually get to them.

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Years ago, shooting in one direction with my PMI-1 when I get a barrel break. While I'm reaching for my stick squeegee I notice someone at 20 yards coming up on my left... the field operator of all people. She sees me and ducks behind a small tree. I take a shot at the tree with the gunked-up barrel to keep her occupied... the ball is doing crazy four foot clockwise corkscrew turns in flight. One of these corkscrews is timed just right that it goes around the tree and nails her in the side for a break.

She steps out, looks at the tree, looks at the hit on her side, looks where I am, looks at the tree, repeat...

Will never pull that off again!
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Originally Posted by chopper duke View Post
This one time, when I played for the All American's, I was using a mag.....

Wait, What?

^^^^ this just gets funnier and funnier

I was playing in a house league tournament at my local feild. I got an angle on a friend of mine. He had left his hopper hanging out. I openned up with my trusty cocker....the first shot hit the lid of his viewloader and popped it open. The second, third and forth shot went into his hopper.

I spent the next hour trying to calm him down and helping fix his hopper
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I was playing 2 on 2 in a speedball game, me and a rental vs two kids in full head to toe empire gear and rental guns. I am playing with my stock class phantom. I got the first kid out, and then I start snap shooting with one kid who is at my mirror. He seems to be reloading so a make a wide movement in an L shape to get up to the 50, on my way to my final bunker he starts shooting at me, I wildly raise my gun and take one shot while going into the bunker, hits him square in the hopper, I was clean got one bounce. And people say being a big guy in paintball has its disadvantages.... (I was of course accused of wiping lol)
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They probably talk to the guy at my field that pours mineral oil down his barrel to lube his marker.
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