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When I started playing in the early nineties It was sneak around and shoot a guy in the woods. It was just like playing War like when I was a kid, except it was only adults playing.
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Originally Posted by ta2maki View Post
I thought it was too slow paced and boring.

My first game was some indoor place in torrance/gardena in '91. I shared a bag of paint with another first timer. We ran out of paint, I think he used 30 or so paintballs for the day, I shot the rest. I asked about semi's and was told not to get them because they sucked. I did not play again until 2004.

I think this video very accurately shows what the majority of what outsiders/first-timers think.
That vid is pretty awesome.

I heared about it from my brother who liked it but he fell off the wagon, so he doesn't play anymore. But I thought it was like tag or shootemup with paintballs.
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1) “What type of game did you want to play when you first got into paintball?”
2) “What made you progress to your current preferred style of play?”
1. First time in '90 was just to mess round with a huge group of friends from school. Had never even heard of it, and had no expectations other than some dirtier version of Lazertag. We played a night game in the woods with PGPs, and I shot maybe 10 paintballs the whole evening, and absolutely became addicted.

2. A smaller group of us got into regular play, then got caught up in the 'arms race', then briefly did the tourney thing and still later discovered speedball. But probably the most transformative moment was during a scrimmage in the early 90s with the Thundering Herd out of Cincinnati, OH. This was a team that consistently beat the pants off of us whippersnappers. During one of the games Tim Osborne of Storm Paintball told us all to just sit tight while he had some fun. So we sat there and for the next several minutes watched him stroll around with a Phantom and take out a 10-man (technically 8-man, 2-woman) team rocking automags, cockers, VMs and Pro/Ams.

As for Tim, he wasn't playing ninja or sniper, or anything cheesy. He wasn't taking himself seriously. He was just having serious fun with it and giggling to himself in his quirky way.

Don't know what happened to all those folk, but that moment was a powerful lesson. That sense of sheer enjoyment, of not allowing the game to become anything more than a game, always stuck with me.

I suspect that some eschew speedball because of the attitude of many players therein (i.e., 'agglets'). Yet speedball can be enormously fun. By the same token, many eschew woodsball for the same reason. Yet woodsball can also be enormously fun. In both cases proponents of one style probably disfavor the attitudes of the other side more than the style itself. Unless, of course, it is a misinformed provincialism about their own and other styles that gets in the way.

So while I personally have come to enjoy most styles of play, this is largely a result of learning to have the right attitude about it, which is to say, viewing the sport as true 'sport', which is to say, as Play.
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^ I totally agree with menace
Originally Posted by The Great Equalizer View Post
1) “What type of game did you want to play when you first got into paintball?”
2) “What made you progress to your current preferred style of play?”
From the beginning i always wanted to play in the woods, but i found that I enjoy speedball just as much. For me my style didn't develop in one definitive way, it just kind of broadened the more I learned about different markers and the sport. I enjoy playing just as much open or stock class, pistol, semi, or electro and I have an eclectic collection of markers that reflect that. I like every different style for different reasons, and I play differently to emphasize the strengths of whatever i marker i play with. To me, woodsball or speedball, a good day of paintball is all i need.
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Originally Posted by Railgun View Post
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Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
I'd sell any other possessions, property, children, extra organs or sexual services before I'd sell my paintball gear. Hell, I'd sell other peoples property before I sold my gear

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I never thought about it until my dad and I drove past some people playing in a far off field. My dad did his best to explain what it was and in my 8 year old mind it was LASER TAG THAT WORKS. A few years later my friend got a gun and I petitioned my parents for over a year until I got a 98 for my birthday.

It was exactly as I had imagined.(or better?) I just wanted to sneak around the woods and have fun, thats what we did. I have always tried to use "stealth" and minimal firepower so when I found out about pump guns from I decided it sounded like a lot of fun.
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My view of paintball was heavily influenced by an old command post magazine and two books, "The New Official Survial Game Manual" by Lionel Atwill and "Paintball Stategies & Tactics" by Bill Barnes. I absolutley read the covers off of these books. My first official game was played in the woods with a rented pump Trracer. To me it was always camo, pump guns and lots of east Texas trees and brush. My preffered style of play has not changed. I still go out with a stock pgp and just have fun. A quote from Bill Barnes' book reads "Don't allow a mindless quest for greater and greater firepower to corrupt the true spirit of the game."
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I thought it would be a mix of lasertag and capture the flag in the woods. Like a mix between military reenactment and halo. Just kind of over the top whatever you want to make of it type play that's always fun and makes no apologies. I didn't know there would be anything as rigid, strategic and competitive as speedball. It required exponentially more teamwork than anything I had ever done before, which made me love it.

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Originally Posted by ta2maki View Post
Is that guy at 5:40 having a personal crisis moment or something?

1)Before I played I'd assumed that pb was more military-ish with crazy gung-ho guys, basically what airsoft is now.

2)I've never been interested in tournament play or anything, and I'm still not that good at it so I just go out to have fun and hopefully see people I know at the field. Often I spend more time sitting yappin than actually playing.
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Originally Posted by RusskiX View Post
The results of your statistical sampling from MCB are likely to be skewed based on age and pump playing demographics.
Well I never wanted to be a statistician, but you definitely have a point. I bet I would get different responses on a more mainstream forum.

Originally Posted by mxmtl View Post
1) Oddly enough, I wanted to play tournament airball when I first got into it in 2006. I hit the airball fields almost every weekend.

2) I prefer tournament airball still today. The only thing different was that I picked up a pump in 2007, fell in love with it, and stuck with it up until now.
This was exactly the response I was curious about. I live in a rural state and I had no exposure to paintball, I just wanted to keep playing cops and robbers after my childish imagination crapped out on me.

Where were you exposed to airball before playing your first game? Did you stumble on a magazine, were local fields advertising or did you know someone who played?

Originally Posted by malJohann View Post
1) Bushball/Scenario games. I like to be on point with a select-fire marker.

2) I still like that style best. Its as much about bush skill as paintball skill.

Funny thing, I still think the AT-85 is one of the best designs I have ever seen. Would love to have one with the optional mag that can take a hopper on the side. Are they still in business?
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I don't remember exactly how I found out about paintball. I think I saw in ad in the back of a magazine for paintball markers and I assumed it was guys running around the woods shooting each other and not much else. I envisioned myself in a tree waiting a trail, PGP in hand, waiting to rain down hell on anyone that walked down my trail. I was 12, cut me some slack... Now, that I think about it I seem to remember reading an article on paintball.

As long as I can remember I knew there was a game called paintball and knew I wanted in. I didn't actually get to shoot a paintball gun until I got a job in '97 and a coworker let me shoot his Pro-Lite. With my next two paychecks I had a Pro-Lite, VL200, two 12ozs and a set of JT Spectras.

I wanted to play woodsball because there was no such thing as speedball. When speedball came out I thought it was stupid because it wasn't woodsball. Why would you want to hide behind a pool toy when there were perfectly good trees all over the place? After I got my Autococker and I got my first taste of speedball on a legit field. I'd mostly played outlaw. It was awesome.

I really like any style of paintball although I lean toward speedball because I like a faster paced game. I just bought my first pump gun, a Pro Stock Sniper, I'm finally going to get to take it out soon and I'll see if pump is something I'll like.
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