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Over 30?!

How many of you are 30+ play woodsball and or speedball? Sometimes I feel old out there with the 22 yo kids. Im always the back player so I dont have to dun and dive as much
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I am over 30, still pay speedball and front to mid most times.
I am not as good as I once was, but I am as good once as I ever was.

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two of my best players are over 30... our youngest regular player is 17 and he kicks *** too.
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I'm way older than 30. I suck at paintball, too. Coincidence?
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36, Brushball once and a while (Lower desert Arizona not many trees), scenario games, and speedball (pump anyways).
Funny thing is most of the kids point to me and tell their parents that there are old people playing too.
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31, mainly woodsball with a little bit of speedball.
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I just turned 33 and I'm the youngest guy on our scenario team. I'm one of the few dedicated pumpers in my area as well.
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31 here as well. I love playing speedball. It's pretty much my only exercise during the year. I like to play all over the field, but I mainly like to be moving forward. I don't get out to the "real" field too often and I try and play some renegade woodsball games as much as possible, again, always trying to move and push forward.
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30s?! I wish I was anywhere near that age. I still play both Speedball (ie Concept style fields/Tournaments) and Woodsball both. I palyed Pro Tourney ball (NPPL & PSP) well into my 40s, so all you 'old' guys, don't give up the ship! I quit the pro circuit because of lack of time with my family (young unmarried guys don't understand this...yet), not physical reasons. Us 'veteran' players bring experience to the table, even in Speedball/Tournaments. By ther way, I prefered Woodsball when I was a young player, and still prefer it today as an 'old' guy!
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