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I bring about 4 guns.
Vsc phantom with a 3.5oz - main gun
RSC phantom with a changer - backup/main (depending on mood)
Tpx - gets used when the RSC is a main.
2k3 cocker - dust collector/backup/loaner
I <3 Phantoms and Mags
Katy, Texas
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Post Whore
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I usually try and take all that my bike can handle carrying....which is going to be even more once I get the trunk added

I have my Phenon, TPX, and PMI LB.

If I am taking my truck or I know I need to bring a loaner then it is one of two 98's or a Spyder Extra.
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is a gunslinger
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I just bring a Phantom and some spare parts. In the rare situation where it stops working wonderfully, it's just as quick to fix it as it is to get another marker ready to go.
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I used to take either a CCM T2 or '95 Sniper II plus my '04 Viking. Now I only take the VSC Phantom. I also take some spare parts in case there's a problem, but there never is. I love not having to fill the entire car every time.
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Post Whore
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I generally keep three gassed up and ready to go.
1)My Sterling. Open class or 10 rounders.
2)My mech mag.
3)Typically my Vice, piranha lb, or hyperframed mag. Whichever hasn't seen the field lately.

Sometimes I play with a new project, but those are becoming less common as I get my stable dialed in.

Nothing beats a good day at Mount Doom.
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Fan of EMR
One or two.

I always bring my Gargoyle.

I usually bring a backup incase someone else has trouble with their gun and if I've been working on another gun that could use some field time to be sure it's working right I bring that.

I have my 007 and the Green Dragon for my this is fun lets use it today guns.

On very rare occasions I break out one of my semi's for kicks and giggles, or Castle Conquest.
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Since this thread started with boobs what are we supposed to derail it with?
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Someone ban that painthappy dude
Stock class = 12grams and a stick feed. End discussion.

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Buzz Killington
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just one (my silver sc pistol phantom), that's all i have, sold off my other guns.
United States Army Officer
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All of them, which until now has meant only three at a time.

The roster has usually included some combination of VM and/or Tippy, and now includes a permanent automag, but always there has been the 2nd gen. Trracer. Since picking it up new (somewhere back in the foggy mists of the early-mid-90s) it has been to every field I've ever set foot on, and has usually seen action in at least one game, if not all.

Don't think it's a normal model. Basically I helped a leprechaun escape a pack of trolls and he offered me his own Trracer. Told me it would never rust, bust, or collect dust or must, that it would never wear out or grow old or break down or get scuffed or even need seals. Also told me that while it was a little noisy, it would always hit what you pointed at.

Didn't believe him at the time, but so far, that crazy little bearded guy has been right.
"Dude. I'm pretty sure he's behind one of those bunkers over there."

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pump snob
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I pack 1 game box and 2 guns. My rule: it must fit in the box. The guns that usually ride along: 1 old evolution sniper and 1 old free flow sniper. one to play, one to loan out.. If the first one isn't shooting just right I play the other. I think the resident gremlins in the evo prefer CO2 and the FF gremlins prefer HPA.. go figure.
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Brass and Wood Fan
2 guns. My T8.5 project (still fully functional) and a basic MR1

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