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First Time Paintballing Experience?

I don't know if this thread was started but I didn't feel like looking though 300 pages to see haha. Basically want to hear about you're stories of first times on the field:

My fist time was at a place called Stormin' Normans, I was in grade 7, got shot in the neck and cried. Loved paintball ever since lol!

Share away you beauties!
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Wookie D*ck
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Construction yard out by UBC. There were dirt mounds and little hills. We all overestimated the power of our Brass Eagle Talons and nobody got shot. That meant our ski goggles never had to stop a paintball.
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11 years ago, Brass Eagle Talon, 10 round tube as a hopper, pocket of paintballs and 12 grams, and a salvage yard.

As it turns out, I was rather good, became a 1 man army with a pump vs semi and full auto guns. Now it seems, either I got worse or everyone else got better.
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first year of summer vacation at college. has spyder xtra from a friend of a friend, some kid on the field asked me if it was an angel... charged a tree and bunkered 1 guy, shot in the neck before i got the others.
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Pew pew LAZORZ!!
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First time for me was a birthday party down at North Shore Paintball. That was about 4 years ago. All of my friends and I war part of our hockey pads because we were so scared. We all got shot were we didn't wear pads
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16 years ago Sept. my parents finally gave me the $25 to go with my best friend Richie (who had been going for some months) to a local indoor field. He drove since he had the license and the car and we rented SL-68i and ii's and got 100rds of green shelled paint. I was so nervous that first game, creeping around in that dark building I don't think I shot 25 rounds the whole night. That and I was too worried about running out of paint. Didn't get hit that night, but didn't get anyone out either.

Next week, I managed to bug my parents into more rental money and used the paint I had left over from the week before. I was a little more brazen and finally went after someone. I shot the guy out and was so excited I didn't pay attention to what I was doing and was promptly shot out myself. Didn't matter. I was hooked.

Richie and I played off and on (him more on than me since he had a job) for the next year until I moved away beginning of my Junior year of HS.

I always envied his skill and wanted to be as good as he was. He was kind of a regular around there and really encouraged my love of the game.

I wish I could have played one last game with him. He was killed in a car crash in 2000.

Next game's for you Dick.
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Ran what amounted to be a suicide charge with three other people, got lit up all over my midsection. Walked off the field feeling very glad I chose to wear a cup that day
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It was so long ago I cant remember any of the actual game or if it was at TNT or Stormin Normins lol...
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pump snob
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circa 1991 one of my employees (Tumor) and his brother (Tumor Junior) and I were out having some wings and beer after work and one of them thought I would dig the game. A few days later 3-4 of us bought a bunch of gear - p68-ats, sl68IIs, and pmi-3 out of some ad on APG and the second the the gear arrived we put on our racketball glasses and went to a back road near my house, in the dark, parked two trucks facing each other w/ the lights on and played across the road in the blinding light of the trucks... well we just couldn't wait. I remember the fear and intensity like it was yesterday. That night was actually the seed that gave birth to SC Roadkill.

I think Ive been working ever since then to recapture the intensity and purity of that night with my good friends. I've been a die hard outlaw baller ever since... with the occasional scenario thrown in for kicks and giggles.

Hey Pete: Thanks for the thread man .. good old memories to start the day.
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My first games were at Safari Paintball in Kelowna BC around 1995 back when I was in grade 8? We rented SL-68IIs and split a 1000 paintballs between 10 of us?

I think we played one or two times a year throughout high school...then I didn't really get into the game until after look how addicted I am!
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