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Originally Posted by freebird View Post
lube the shaft and warm the o-ring up in your hand by rubbing it back and forth between hands. then it should go on easier.
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Not in the mail, but I got a shiny red S6 today. It was hand delivered.
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Originally Posted by tesguy View Post
sell your body, prostitution is an easy way to supplement gun whoring.
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two rightfeed adapters for 2 of my micromags
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Nothing today but yesterday I got my new Georgia Weapons License (new ones have our picture). Then I went to the gun store as they had something waiting for me. This:

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Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
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Today I was finally able to go get my MCB Secret Santa gifts and open them. For those in the know, I'll post in the appropriate section.

Oh yeah I almost forgot, my first mortgage bill came in today as well.
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Sorry, that's classified.
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Some ordered goodies

Two boxes came in today. The first yielded my wtfpb stuff hooray! A stock class gauntlet and an extra 12ie holder for a vest I wish would come in sooner...

And the second box had four layers of bubble wrap which revealed . . .

Ta Dah!! my first left feed cocker for my first cocker project. All other cockers that entered my possession became snipers. I want this to be a true mechanical shooter.
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Shoulda Gone to Bacci.™
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