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What do we got for backpacks?

I want to ride a motorcycle to the field, play a few games, and then ride off into the sunset like Tom Cruise in Top Gun.
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For backpacks I would go for a tasmanian tigger mission rucksack. It around 40 liters, front loading and comes in a couple different camo/olivey colours. It can easily take everything you need for a day of paintball. The only downside is it it is very expensive at around 150 euros, but I found it to be well worth it. Tasmanian tiger also makes smaller and larger backpacks for pretty much any size requirement. In mine I usually have
rt classic
9 oz x2
bag of paint
hydration bladder
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your hockey stick
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I third the rat pack! I didn't even know people still sold them otherwise I would have posted earlier! I pack 4 guns (ion, 98c, 2cockers) 2 masks, a halo and gravity feed, and a 68/45. It has held up for the better of 8 years of abuse and the removable tool kit is the best thing since sliced bread! I use it constantly as well as the removable divider to use as a cleaning station.
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Originally Posted by alpha434 View Post
What do we got for backpacks?
This. I want to take a fully assembled Gargoyle, a pack of twelvies, a mask, Joyride, and change of clothes.
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I'm a big fan of the NXE gunbag. Divider inside, I can fit two markers, a 68/45, and hoppers inside. Front pocket has room for all my allens and screwdrivers, ad I just tie off my mask bag to the shoulder strap
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NXE Marker and Equipment would fit everything except the mask.
I have one and I use it when I travel really light.
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Originally Posted by hellion360 View Post
Ratco Rat's Pac Paintball Gear Bag - Black/Red

ratco rat's pac

I have been using one for, I think, about 8 years. It has held up splendidly. I carry 2 markers, a tank, barrels, misc tools. It has a snap strap to carry a mask on the outside. Cheap and durable.
I'll fourth this! Add the mask bag as well (it attaches to the bag). I absolutely LOVE my Rat's Pack!

There are a couple of them up for sale on ebay right now.

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gym bag, find an old one at goodwill
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