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Beloved pb posessions

so what is/are your most beloved pb posessions? this could be guns, masks, soft gear, anything. also why do you like it so much: memories, who used to own it, where you got it, first gun, etc.

out of my guns I prize my sterling the most and my micromag. Sterling because they are awesome fast pumps with great pump strokes. Too bad they never caught on here in the states. Aftermarket part like uc kits would have made them very competitive with other main line pumps. My micromag cause its a mag and I have been slowly building it up. My old sl-68II holds a special place as it started my whole pump conversion. Always works, but doesn't get used much. Can't decide whether or not to sell it.

other gear: my diablo skul thermal mask. I think they originally came out around 2000. I got mine around 04 or 05 for $30. Single piece rubber mask that takes bounces well. Hardly ever fogged. Really light weight and comfy foam. Great deal for what I paid. Unfortunately they stopped making lenses soon after I got it and the lens hasn't been replaced since then. Lens has only a few small scratches as I am pretty protective about maintaining and caring for it. I'll be retiring it to back up or loaner and going to a profiler for my main mask as I can get lenses for it.
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Parts: Left feed sterling body/whole gun spyder threads preferred.
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Mine would be my phantom and commando jersey.
I miss my skul.. as you can see in my avatar my daughter loved it too.
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My first ever marker. Still have it ^_^ it's an 04 E-2 Bladed Prostock.

Aside from that, my game worn Konstantin Fedorov jersey. I put it up for sale every once in a while but I just can't part with it.
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Originally Posted by tiny View Post
Seconded. Hence forth this is to be the official nomenclature of marker sales. Violators will be violated.
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Fan of EMR

I miss this

I miss markers I loved then mod in such way it wasn't fun anymore
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I really like my Featuring Death animal jersey, find myself wearing it out in public sometimes.

Featuring Death!!

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My first phantom is one of my most prized possessions just because it started something that i'll never lose, the fun of stock class.

Then my phenom was my Christmas present one year for Christmas. My DSP was my next years Christmas present so they are both close to my heart

Then my 98 platinum was my first marker and a birthday present.

Those 4 markers will never leave me for good.
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I don't know why, but my K-Framed PGP. It gives me nothing but hell, but I love that gun to death. Had it for years, have used it, loved it, cussed at it, stored it, busted it out again, lather, rinse repeat.

To put it in perspective, I had this thing. Then I got a Redux. I sold my Redux. I still have this thing.
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My scratch-built PPS Stroker. 1st PPS gun, 1st custom build anything. It's got a zillion shots through it now and all I have to do is keep feeding it mainsprings.
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My vsc phantom. It is the only pump gun that I own. It is pretty much exclusively the only gun that I use when I play because I do not play semi anymore. I have had some amazing times with that gun. It is like an extension of my arms when I play with it. It is freakishly reliable,consistent, and efficient. I will never sell it.
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For me its my custom Ripper mag it took me 2 years to build it and she's a dream to shoot and wont be going anywhere.

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