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Originally Posted by Tallen702 View Post
Best one ever was some fuzzy boot liners that my Sandridge TF-5 came in....
My P12 came to me wrapped in a purple toddler girl's jacket. Dude said it was his daughter's that she'd outgrown.

I used the same one the next week when I shipped out the Kaos I sold.
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Luxe 1.0 in a medium flat rate box, wrapped in a hardees shirt, nicked/damaged. I think I kept the t-shirt too.

Angel A1, barrels wrapped in tube socks, marker wrapped in shredded sheets or something.

Sandana sent me a freshly laser engraved Shaft barrel tip and two backs in a non padded envelope with no packaging material at all. You could hear it rattling around, no damage was done. Soon there after I made an order from Sandana and they took over a month to ship and lied the entire time. I no longer own or use their products,.
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Bought a classic mag off CL for cheap, so I wasn't expecting much, but the picture showed an uncut classic right feed body, a AM/MM rail, and a double trigger benchmark frame that looked okay.

When I got it, the rail had no sear-pin (just a loose AM sear in there), the valve had no on/off, the bolt was out of spec and hung up when slid onto the powertube (my other Lvl 7 bolt worked fine), it had a Spyder ASA on it with new holes drilled in the ASA to match up with the grip, and the holes on the grip were bored out so that the ASA was attached with 1/4" lag bolts instead of the standard 10-32 screws.

It had enough usable parts that I didn't lose money on it though. It's better that I wasn't expecting much to begin with.

Other than that, my worst packing story is a gun I got with accessories that were covered in dog hair and smelled funky. Everything in that package immediately got cleaned and disinfected before my wife would let it in the house.
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ALWAYS ask the seller to remove the beavertail prior to shipping. They will usually bend, no matter what packaging is used.

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I bought a prostock body off a guy on here and he sent it in one of those padded envelopes with the dusty crap in it....when I got the package it was torn up and when I opened it up the gun was caked and fill with completely filled... I wasn't too happy about that.
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not related to paintball, but a work experience when I was the one doing the shipping for the company I work for:
one day we get a call from a city worker of a nearby town saying he found a package in the street with our company information as the receiving party... long story short, it seems that the van carrying our package for the delivery had it's back door improperly closed and the package simply flew out while it was traveling...

luckily, the package contained 1/2" mounting brackets that pretty much couldn't be damaged no matter how fast the driver was going... but still, I had fun when I asked for tracking on the package and said "NOPE! it's not on the van!" ^_^
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Bought an one of one Short and Nasty and when it got here, there was a large ding in one of the feedtubes.
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Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
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Please tell me if I ever send anyone here acrappy packaged item. That is just bad business to do that. I just recently received some para cord that the plastic bag torn open on. It was replaced right away.

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i bought a cocker/hopper/airtank when i was on vacation (gotta love craigslist and time to kill)

had to ship the tank back, but because i left at 6am on monday, i couldnt get to the PO or pack it up (she didnt have any boxes at her house)

i finally got it a month later.... and i could see the tank reg stickin out of the box
the only thing i wanted was the reg, the tank was an old 48/3k steely

also had a guy sell me a phantom on here (like 3 years ago?) still gassed up with a 12gm, paint in the feed tube, paint in the 10rd tubes, with no packing.... it was shipped in a box from a case of paint

no damage (it was used... so minor scuffs) it worked fine, but holy crap that was weird to see... new meaning to ready to shoot out of the box
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