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The Game
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Shortest time you had a gun?

What's the shortest time you ever had a gun?

Mine is either my Dm4 or my RF sniper. I had my Dm4 for about a week and had my RF sniper for like a week if that. I hated both guns.

What about you?
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I bought a Crosman 3357 on a whim from eBay. It was seized by the CBSA at the border and it took 10 months for it to pass through the RCMP ballistics lab and finally make it to me.


It was a piece of crap. It broke paint and was mechanically a nightmare. I put it up for sale within an hour of opening the box and it was sold inside of two.
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I had an Etha for 5 days... Played with it once.

I saw an SL74 at the field and traded for that in a heartbeat.
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Post Whore
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Sold a classic mag within a week of picking it up on craigslist.
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I had a kp2 for 2 hours once. Bought it a a garage sale while heading to EMR. Sold it cheap and still made 1000% profit.

Also an SI bushmaster for 20 mins but that was working in a paintball store.
I bought it from a customer for myself and another came in 20 mins later and spotted it behind the counter. He offered me 2x what I paid and like a real american I said sure
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The Man With No Plan
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i used to sell stuff weekly/monthly

i once bought 2 karnis within 2 hours of each other (one on here, one on a ebay auction)

called a buddy and sold him one of them that same afternoon (neither of them had even shipped to me yet... hahaha)
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Punisher Crowdbuster


I traded the non-existent thing off for some items that were not made of unicorn farts and broken promises

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Originally Posted by matteekay
I agree with Don.
Originally Posted by stimpy
don is on the path to everlasting coolness
Originally Posted by DashHopes
OMG boobs, beers and Chad Thompson. Nothing could be better.
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Talk to that Broch sunnovabitch... He sold the damn S5 the day he got it
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It's not unheard of for people around here to sell stuff before they have it.

I think my record was 2 days.
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Somethang straight-up wrong.. well, went wrong. Us thugs will now sack dem involved.
How to get around UPS fees
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I traded a Thumper for an Ego, which I sold and then bought a grey ghost... All before getting the Ego, I had the first guy ship to the last. Good times were had by all.
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