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Post Whore
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if you're dead set on holding that many tubes at once, you arent gonna find any harness that will meet your requirement (unless you wear multiple harnesses at once). IMO you should start looking at pouches of some sort that can bulk hold many at once. Or maybe even a molle vest a with 10rd tubes stuffed into mag pouches.
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A friend of mine gave me one of these when I stared playing modified stockclass. I never carried more than 10 tubes at a time, and found it worked nicely with 3-5 tubes on each chest strap. My only complaint with it was after a long day the place where the straps meet would rub on the back of my neck and cause a minor sore spot. I never could get it adjusted so it wouldn't do that. Over all though I liked it and would have kept using it except the elastic was going and I wanted something capless. For the money its a good choice.
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The most I ever carried was 18 tubes on a pbmafia waist pack plus 10 on a leg harness. I had 3 12g on each wrist and 4 more on the belt along with 2 dump pouches. That was 28 tubes and 10 12grams and I couldn't store all the empties... had to leave some tubes on the ground near tree trunks and go back and find them later.

How would you ever deal with 58 empty tubes and 20(?) 12 grams?
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Originally Posted by TheYoda View Post
How would you ever deal with 58 empty tubes and 20(?) 12 grams?
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Do yourself a favor and get something from Whiskey Two Four. I run a stalker chest harness and it's the best setup I've ever used. I can fit 14 twelve grams, 14 tubes, two swabs and a dump pouch on mine, and it's still one of the smallest setups. And it's cap less, so reloads are that much faster.

Not to sound rude but if you need 58 tubes on you...stock class is probably not going to be your cup of tea. That's a little over four pods of paint. You'd also need 29 12ies to get you through all that if you can get 2 tubes per cart. 20 if you can squeeze three tubes, but given that winter is pretty much here, you'll probably need more. Not really an ideal setup.
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I second the Whiskey Two Four Stalker. I love that thing. I even use it when I run limited paint on my angel (I made a "speed feed" for 10 rd tubes on my 50 round hopper) I can play about 4 games before I'm worried about running out mid game. My games are usually pretty short though.
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We should ask for the complete set up...

Are you maybe running CA on a stock class marker during a big game/scenario where 58 tubes would keep you on the field longer?

I mention this because OP didn't actually say anything about 12gs
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Stock class SPAM
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I have used the Ronin stock class harness (weight belt version) for a long time. I like the way the tubes are in the back out of the way. You can carry up to 40 tubes on that. I never use more than 10 though. If you use all 40 for tubes, you can attach a few wrist 12 gram holders to the belt for 12 grams.

I have recently switched to a MOLLE harness by DYE Tactical. I am using WTFPB stock class 9 tube holders modded for my style of play as well. I really like the durability and workmanship of WTFPB. Although you can stack the 9 tube shingles, 58 tubes would weigh you down by just the harness gear so I would suggest something else. They also cost a pretty penny. Worth every one, but ouch.
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i will be playing a scenario game this weekend (Cousins Dark Ops) and its my first scenario game and was planning on bringing the following guns: Main setup, VSC Phantom with a 3.5oz tank, Backup Setup: CCM S6 with 68/45 maybe a pocket hopper or my sport shot hopper. Lastly, My Bob Long G6R if all else fails which is my last resort. I rather save money and shoot less and still have a blast
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58 tubes??? Cripes, man...

and to think some stock class guys will **** on speedballers who carry pods on the field... lol

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