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A yellow Smart Parts Shocker Sport Turbo. Heavy....

First brand new nice gun was a phantom with all the fixen's. First electro goodness was a Threshold. Beautiful gun, but the reg didn't work. Company charged me to fix it, and I sold it right after.
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I picked up a pair of Autocockers from the guys at Sgt York's and had them lighten the back block and polish the internals back in 1992. That was my upgrade from the VM-68
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My first high end marker was an X-Valved Automag (Tac One), that I still have and will never get rid of. Rips faces off like a champ.
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My slightly dated 02 STO purchased in 05. Never going to sell it!
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My first high-ish end was an Impulse with Vision and a pre-cricket board. It was all stock as far as I can remember with that 10 foot tall feedneck and one of the worlds largest drop forwards. I ran that thing on CO2 and it was wicked fast at the time.
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hmm, how high are we talking about? Probably my sterling stp or the polished classic mag, with intelliframe I traded for it. That was back in 2005 maybe? so they both were worth a bit more then. I got a micromag, so that was a bit of a step up from the previous mag, though I wish I still had the intelliframe.

In the past year I picked up a 2k rf cocker, middle of the road, but shoots probably the best and most consistent out of all my guns. Also a 1kBlazer, just needs to be tuned for consistency.

Probably none of these were ever considered high end other than the blazer.
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I'm pretty sure the highest-end thing I've ever had was an Ion...that was for about a month and a half earlier this year.
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I remember after first month of playing I went to buy my first gun, was torn between Spyder SE and 98 Cocker. I decided to go with Spyder SE since I was "newer" player and it was meant for that. 1 month later I go back and buy 98 Cocker, one of best buys I have ever made. Stock Cocker with aftermarket barrel was fairly high end then. Still own it today, upgraded over the years.
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heh, invert mini. also my first gun.

then I traded for my nightkast pump. Best decision I ever made. Easily afford to play 3x as much for 3x less the cost
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back in -98 i bought a -97 belsales evolution cocker in silver and black with a airborn hpa airsystem with brass reg a heavy piece of
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